Dibs and Dabs

IMG_3173Macoun Apples are the best!  I just dehydrated these as I just can’t stop buying them for fear the season will be over.  Even this way, a tad under really dry are almost like the real thing.  Missing the crunch but has a feeling of healthy when it all goes down.


These Energy bites have been altered, yet again.  This time I used ground almond flour as some of the nuts part, dried ginger chopped, chia seeds, dates and cherries.  In case you missed it when I last posted this:

2 C. pitted dates

2 C. dried cherries

1 C. sunflower seeds

handful of sesame seeds

handful of almond flour

chopped dried ginger & chia seeds

2 Tbs. coconut oil

2 tsp. vanilla

1 C. cocoa powder

1/2 tsp. salt

Sometimes it’s quite a bit to blend in the chopper, just add some more coconut oil.

I have decided to deal with Fall anticipation of depression this year in a different way.  I joined a “club” not far from home.  I’ve always loved to ride my bike but it’s impossible living with Paul as he has fits. He continuously goes haywire about making sure I have a helmet and giving me all sorts of bike and road advice.  He makes me so crazy with it I decided to go inside this year.

So, I went in and signed up.  Easy smeezy.  $25./month.  I go in at 1:00 when just about 4 people are there, three times a week.  The bike is awesome!  It has a screen where I decided which ride I want, 4.2 miles, choose the path and off I go.  Sweating !  It’s hard, all sorts of grades and of course me, smarty pants, sets off at a quick pace and I keep it.  The weird part  is I love this path called coastal, animated, probably California but I’m heading towards the sun, which is lovely although I never get there.  It’s always off in the distance.  But, small complaint really.  It does the trick for me.  After my ride, which takes 20-22 minutes I do some yoga with 3 lb hand weights and stretch all over for about 20 minutes.  That’s it.  45  minutes tops, Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  The neatest part….no dogs, no one talking to me, just me working at my max.  A good feeling.  I feel much less “old” when I come out of there.  And, it lasts.  I feel good most of the time.  Every other day – I’m a convert.  End of story….I eat one of these Energy things before I go in, as lunch.

IMG_3149This is a fabulous number I made up the other night.  And, I got to use my new mandolin.  I sliced up the radishes, big blob of homemade yogurt, sea salt and coarse black pepper.  Not sure why I never thought of that before. Great on a salad as the dressing.  We eat allot of radishes. Next year even more crazy colors are going in our garden.


Back at this project again.  We love Sourdough, such a lot of work though.  What you see here are the starters, a whole wheat one, a white one in the red rimmed jar and leftovers in the tall. It’s a complicated process.  But, I did, after many days, make this bread.  It was delicious with lots of butter on it.  Gone baby gone. Wine on the side!  I’ve been  working on my stuff (which has been refrigerated for the past week) this morning and am back to Tartine bread baking.  It’s a process but I’m thinking if I stick with it and am consistent we’ll have our own incredibleness all the time.  So, more pictures as I go.

I heard something so darn funny yesterday on the radio.  It was on one of those Sunday afternoon radio hours.  It was the Siri girl guiding you home walking from a bar.  At first, I didn’t hear the intro., I thought what is going on, but then caught on it was a spoof, HYSTERICAL, and it really is the Siri girls voice.  She teamed up with a writer.  Somehow google her up could be on YouTube.  Honestly funny and so clever.


2 thoughts on “Dibs and Dabs

  1. oceananne says:

    Omg. Looks good.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. carlarollins says:

    Anne, these are the best. David at York Corners has the crispy ones.


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