Yogurt and Seeds


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This post could be very experimental.  I’m trying to be my own Web person but that is a really big “reach” for me.  All I’m actually trying to do is get a print button up on this thing but apparently it needs to be “shortcode”….Hello?

I’ve been making yogurt for years…always a kind of messy thing that I just need to get past.  Usually I pour a gallon of milk into a kettle, cook till it boils, stirring frequently (180 is boiling point) then turn off, let it drop down to 112 (this can take an hour or more).  I then put in some starter – which is a freeze dried w/probiotics which I get online from Yogourmet.  I put two packets in and a healthy few tablespoons of my current fresh yogurt.  Whisk it all up, put in 4 quart sized canning jars then place it in the oven with oven light on (only) for up to 30 hours.  The bad part is the cleaning of the pan I cooked it in, the bowl I cooled it in and the various instruments for stirring & mixing.

My new way…is I use a Instant Pot (I’m embarrassed to say it was a wicked impulse buy) but it works for this!  With this little deal I put the gallon of milk in, press the yogurt button a few times until it says boil, let it come to a boil while it is covered with a glass top – about an hour.  The machine will say yogurt when done.  Let it sit a few minutes. Then place the insert it has cooked in within a large bowl of cold water in the sink.  Fairly quickly the temp will come down to 110, add your starter and place in jars – same procedure.  The really nice part is I don’t need to watch it as the machine will shut itself off and that pan it cooks in cleans so easily.  Once you have the yogurt jarred I place them in the oven, with just the oven light on.  Generally I count out 25 hours, put it on the white board as a reminder and then take them out to refrigerate.  The longer you keep it in a warm place the bit stronger the yogurt is.  You can also take a jar out and lop into a paper coffee filter or cheesecloth to get rid of even more water.  It then becomes more like a cheese aka cream cheese texture.  Add some herbs and there you go!

As to those seeds on top: I tried to make some Seedy Oat Crackers – a combination of oats, sesame seeds, chia seeds, poppy seeds, nuts like pistachios and almonds, walnuts and a smidge of salt. Mixed it up added a few tsp of vegetable oil and a tablespoon of maple syrup.  I then baked it – it was supposed to be hard pressed together and come out as a cracker, did not!  But, it did come out as a tasty crumble to put on top of stuff.  I eat it every morning now.  So, I would say – put whatever you have in a bowl, add some oil (coconut would work well here) don’t forget some maple syrup and bake it up a bit.

O.K. exhausted mentally now.  I’m pretty sure I still haven’t gotten the “print” button happening.  This is so hard for a non computer person. How come I can weave and all the other stuff I do but this….technical computer work mystifies me.  As an aside, just for laughs.  I contacted WordPress people for a “walk through” on how to use the site explaining I needed help.  They set up a meeting with me.  I was told to download Zoom which I thought I did.  Thought is the key word here.  When my date and time came up I sat here in front of the computer for 20 minutes thinking they stiffed me as I assumed they were going to call and we’d line up the computers….hell no.  But really, for someone who has admitted they are completely numb how did they expect me to follow up with a Zoom meeting?  Don’t you think if I could do that I could do my own darn stuff?


This is just a fun shot.  We all know how to make an apple pie I think.  It’s easy, yummy and great breakfast food with a cup of hot something.  I don’t measure – just put a pile of apples in a bowl, add 1/2 cup sugar, spices, lemon peel, juice, a pat of butter, seal it up and bake at 400 for an hour.  Fini.

Don’t forget to add a slice of cheddar because I’ve been told if you don’t “It’s like a kiss without a squeeze”. Cute.





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