I know, I know, haven’t posted in a long while but….I’m back.  One of my newest obsessions this past summer (2017) was teaching myself how to crochet.  I’m not sure how I came upon Lucy at Attic 24 but I did.  She is a crochet artists and colorist.  Perhaps it’s a magnet for color for me but I found her and her blog and her patterns and her yarn.  I started this one in either May or June for my little buggie grand daughter Zoe whose birthday is on Halloween.  Long, hot summer to have this on my lap but really it was only unmanageable the last few days (kinda heavy).  Paul talked me into going Fly Fishing up at Tim Pond in Maine….North by three hours or so.  My “new best fishing buddy”, geech, 39 years later…..anyhow the opportunity gave me time to finish this beast and I did, rocking away on the porch.  If you scroll in to the picture you will see it’s tiny rosettes – kinda cool.  As to my obsession…I bought this kit which is from England.  I know that because it was delivered by Her Majesty’s Postal Service. Humph! The kit came with pattern & 15 balls of yarn. There are detailed photo instructions on her blog site. #Attic24.  The obsession part?  I have two kits waiting for me in my studio and another ordered last night.  Three grand daughters/three birthdays right? Crochet, go figure. I have always knitted!

No fear – I am still cooking/weaving & sewing….cleaning the house is at the very bottom of my list.  I will be posting again soon. Let me know whose here.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Betsy says:

    You never cease to amaze me. This is wonderful.


  2. Patty says:

    So glad you are back!


  3. Julia says:

    Very nice. I would go mad doing that!


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