Great Fudge & Some Summer Stuff

IMG_0019Late yesterday afternoon I was thinking chocolate.  My brownies usually do it but they are heavily laden with butter and eggs; a bit rich for a quick zip of chocolate.  Paul has no idea what a bite is so it’s a good thing to not have too much of that stuff available.  But, I had some Tahini on the counter waiting to be used.  A few days ago I had made some granola with tahini (a gluten free granola) for a birthday present for my friend Patty who has Celiac’s .  I used the usual type stuff except used quinoa flakes instead of oats.  Kind of comes out a bit like eating dust but with the vast amounts of tahini put in; it’s moister and pretty tasty.

My Darling Lemon Thyme is someone I follow on Instagram – she has some cool stuff going on over there in Australia and beautiful photographs of a world I’d love to see.  It’s just such a long plane ride, darn.  I’m pretty claustrophobic, the 5 hours to California to see my grand daughters occasionally puts me over the edge.  The idea of being airborne over the ocean without a chance to put down might put me in a big spin.  The thing about this claustrophobic stuff is I was fine before I had an MRI a few years ago…..just fine, never thought of it then I had one for a medical study I’m part of.  Once I slid into the machine my body froze so badly I couldn’t even push the stupid little button that I held in my hand to stop it.  That bad!  When they finally slid me out I vomited.  A few days later I flew to Florida and the minute the doors closed on the ground…..again, froze.  Airplanes are very similar to MRI machines, just more people in your hell with you.  Enough.

These fudge treats are a tweaked version of My Darling Lemon Thyme’s:

1/2 C. Maple Syrup

3 Tbs. Coconut Oil

13 oz. Tahini or thereabouts

3 Overflowing Tablespoons of Covature Chocolate or just break up a bar of great chocolate – those chocolate/peppermint nibs would be awesome in this!  Butterscotch chips would blend well with the flavor of Tahini too.

2 Tbs. Cocoa Powder

2 tsp. vanilla

a taste of sea salt

Line a small pan with parchment paper.  Gently heat the Maple Syrup/Coconut Oil/Tahini together, when blended and smooth add the chocolates & vanilla, blend till smooth.  That’s it!

I sprinkled a bit of salt in with the chocolate but you could use it to top the chocolate as I did with walnuts.  Wrap and freeze.

I think this is kind of healthy… least maybe healthy is the wrong word, how about not bad for you?  I particularly like the Tahini part, it’s a nice flavor and it’s wicked easy to make.


I’ve been weaving of late. Liar.  Actually, I started this warp in the Spring but I used a variegated warp of cotton, turquoise to blue and with the weft it became a blur.  I guess I should have just used a solid warp.  I was disappointed in the turn out so each one has an experimental weft going on.  Ended up I was never happy with it.  They are dishtowels so i suppose it is just fine as such.  If you look carefully you can see little boxes on an angle.  That was the plan for the prominent feature.  It just got lost in the blur.


The Wasps are in.  I was having a lovely time walking over to my wooden pallet raised beds where I’ve planted my lettuce this year.  I started to cut just one head of lettuce when all these wasps, yellow jackets, whatever they are called swarmed out of where I was picking.  I ran like hell and told Sabrina (the old, very old, 25 years old, black cat) to run.  There we were tripping over the tomato plants and running through the garlic.  Those dam things stung me.  Painful.  Sabrina made it away.  Both of my arms were stung, near my wrists.  I now have balloon wrists.  My skin is stretched so tightly even that is painful.  Nothing works for the pain except Witch Hazel of which I am practically bathing in it now.  I have a bottle in each bathroom and flush my arms multiple times a day and all night.  God this is the worst!  It appears I have about six or so in my right arm and perhaps 4 in the left…..little red dots everywhere.  The weird thing is as the poison exits me it travels up my arms so I itch up there where I’m not even bit also.

This picture is Paul’s idea of getting rid of them.  First he put stuff on last night at dusk, as the can said.  This morning when he went to check, bees everywhere so he threw some lighter fluid on first then some gasoline.  I told him to get his dam gun out.  These guys are persistent.  We’re going to have a serious bond-fire tonight.  I hope I have some garden left.  They build their nests in the ground so I’m worried now that it’s perhaps deep but spread out too.

Moral of the story, if this happens to you – you want this stuff on hand.  Really, on hand, not still at the drug store!



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