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Amazing little Puff Pastries…..

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I saw a picture of something like this on Stumble Upon the other day.  Must have done this right as it looks pretty much the same.  Bring some water to boil with some lemon or lime juice and some sugar, not much.  Slice some apples (I used 4 or 5) and let them soak in the liquid, off heat, for 15 minutes, drain and pat dry.  I cut my puff pastry into three strips, brushed with an egg wash and dusted with sugar then lined up the apples as you can see.  Start to roll it up jelly roll style and at about halfway slice through, pinch the dough and place in an unbuttered muffin tin.  Roll the second one the same.  Cut the other two strips and do the same…..creating 6 pastries per sheet.  Bake at 375 till done – somewhere around 1/2 hour or longer.  Who knows, I was running all over the place and usually don’t time anything anyway.  Let it cool in the pan 5 minutes and turn out to continue cooling.  When completely cool dust with powdered sugar.

The thing I like about this is you use a very small amount of sugar so it’s actually edible and doesn’t make you sticky sweet sick.  And they are beautiful, no?


Our son in law made this but it’s really easy to copy, which of course I did.  He slices and chops all that you see, presents it beautifully.  Then makes a broth of chicken & beef, adds noodles.  Your job is to add what you want.  We added pretty much everything and went to heaven.  Yummola.  This shot is with chicken.  I made mine with pulled pork; I like the chicken better.

Pretty amazing granola, totally thrown together wIth what was on my shelf but w/ quinoa flakes instead of oats (can’t eat them). Besides loads of seeds & nuts i added almond butter, honey & coconut oil.