Cauliflower Puree

Well, there is something wrong with my tummy – I forget what they call it but it’s pretty painful.  Hence, I’m on lots of Cipro (which is most magic drug for anything) and liquids for awhile.  First two days, water….hello, bathroom.  Now I can do puree’s, then move to soft stuff like cottage cheese and much later chewing food.  Great forced diet if your into that sort of thing.  So, after being depressed about the whole deal I decided to embrace it and make something I could eat nutritionally without having to resort to Gator Aid or Pedialite crapola.  Yesterday I made a black cherry/papaya/yogurt & water smoothie.  No problems.  Last night I made this soup – it’s what I had in house and in garden, just about all I had as I haven’t been to the store.

Cauliflower Puree Soup

1 head of Cauliflower steamed for 1/2 hour

handful of fresh baby spinach

six or so fresh sprigs of marjoram

same of fresh parsley

After you steam the broccoli, puree for quite awhile then add the rest and puree some more

Scrape into a medium size pot – add some chicken stock till the consistency you like

Add a dollop or two of yogurt (for me that was about 1/2 cup)

squeeze of lemon

1/4 C. of parmesan

salt & pepper to taste

topped off (once served) with some olive oil

I know, all very basic but if your intestines aren’t working or something else is malfunctioning this food almost makes you feel your going to live.  There is nothing like starving to appreciate simplistic food and the nutrition you can get out of simple things.  Diverticulties, that’s what it’s called….whew, the old brain still works.

Paul is on his boat bringing it north from Virginia right now.  Good thing as there is no way I can make any meals or deal at the moment.

Lounging Callie

I had been in New Jersey for a few days  this past week, prior to realizing just how bad I felt.  Little Callie has the life of Riley!  Ruth is her barcalounger.  It really was a hot day when I took this shot; we were all pooped but this is how she prefers to hang out – never mind those bucket chairs, give me my mom! She’s two weeks old to the day in this picture. Yup, she’s precious and smells amazing.  What is it about babies????

My weaving time has been occupied by many other things of late but I am working on it.  I have an event to go to in just two weeks where I have to wear something I’ve woven so I’m on it now.  I’ve been experimenting with a “snake” pattern.  When washed these scarfs sort of twist up a bit and kind of look like snake skin.  That’s the effect I’m going for.  The first is a grey warp and blue weft.  The second is a teal warp and turquoise weft.


grey snake

blue snake

This blue one is becoming my favorite although I have a few more color combo’s in the making.  There is a green w/gold that might be kind of cool or gold with a burgundy warp.  Hummmm.  I think scarfs are going to be Christmas presents this year for my girl pals!  The material is Tencel which is my new favorite fiber – feels and acts like silk, although much less expensive.

Prior, just prior to Callie’s birth I wove a blanket for her.  Callie’s Chennile.

callies chennile

It’s so rich.  But, it’s so hot out now it won’t get much use…..later, maybe she’ll like the feel and drag this around in the winter months.

My garden is coming in like crazy.  I have so much lettuce, arugula, spinach, radishes, kale and swiss chard, none of which I can eat.  It’s killing me, hurry up home Paul.  Time to get cracking.


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