New Computer so bear with me please.

What I’d like to do is post just one picture, see if it works and then do another post with the rest and the recipes I have to share.    So, here goes.


Never mind, looks like I’ve found the correct file.  This salad, everyone has seen salad but…..this is the first from my garden, outside, this year.  Tonight is the night!  I get so excited when we have fresh stuff.  Enough said on that one.

Last night was a great dinner…..


It is roasted turkey, shredded with au jus only on top of cornbread that I made with pumpkin puree, dried blueberries and cranberries with some cranberry sauce on the side.

While in Cape May, New Jersey this past week Paul and I ate at a place called YB’s (Younger Brother’s) Restaurant.  Great place.  Our son in law suggested this item.  To die for.  Theirs was all dark meat, kind of pulled and sat on top of cornbread stuffing so it was more of the onion, herb type of item underneath.  Really delicious, moist.  I liked that it wasn’t gravy on it, just the natural juices.  So, I tweaked it.  I roasted an 11 lb. turkey on Friday because it was really cold and crappy out (my comfort food).  When I cook a turkey I use olive oil and orange juice as the liquid, but not much.  We had a normal dinner that night with some friends and had some MAJOR drama as we were finishing dinner.  I’ll get to the drama after the food prep story.  Actually, no, I’ll fit it in here before I go to the next day when the other stuff was made.

As we were sitting at the table a young man was kind of wandering in our driveway trying to figure out the front door… car.  Paul went out and the kid was kind of upset, actually really upset.  He had run off the road into our yard and hit a sign (no big deal), he had been texting, not a good idea.  He is deaf and has an implant and he’s young and easily upsetable.  The police and fire department, etc. the whole nine yards came, grilled the poor kid who understandably could not read the cops lips as the cop didn’t really get that he couldn’t hear him and was trying to read his lips.  It was a mess.  They arrested him, of course.  Whoever called this thing in to 911 said he had hid stuff in our yard….hiding on our step in front of the whole world was a 12 pack of Miller Lite with 4 missing.  Boom!  This whole thing made me so sick.  I realize texting is not good while driving, the whole thing was wrong but….this guy has enough problems.  I felt having him rake and put back the bit of dirt he messed up may have been enough.  He was a good kid.  I spent some time trying to get him to relax (he was sooooo not).  Very upsetting to all of us.  It’s stayed with me the whole week-end.  There is more to this story but I probably should be cautious so enough.  He is a good kid, just troubled and to have a handicap on top of that – go find bad guys, perfect York does have quite a few of those.

The cornbread……from The Victory Garden Cookbook but with my tweakings.

3/4 C. Cornmeal

3/4 C. flour

4 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 C. melted butter or coconut oil

1/4 C. brown sugar

2 eggs

2 tsp. lemon juice

1 C. pumpkin puree

1/4 C. or so Almond milk or whatever you have

handful of dried blueberries (I get these at Trader Joe’s very tasty)

handful of dried cranberries

Combine your dry, combine your wet, mix together with a whisk, throw in the berries last,.

Pat into a greased baking dish, not very big, bake at 350 for almost an hour or until a toothpick comes out dry sort of.

So, after that was cooled I sliced it up into wedges, pan sauteed it a bit as I heated the turkey & au jus in the pan and that was it.  Way to go!

Making this cornbread was a fun thing to do as a friend showed up with a 22 year old autistic young man to visit as I was thinking of making it.  Well, this kid is definitely the Rain Man….he was not in my house five minutes before he had reorganized everything on my counter, flushed the toilets in the house (didn’t need it but he was making sure).  He started to get a bit antsy so we made this together.  He did all the whisking, mixing, addition of dried fruit and spreading.  Loved it.  What a great guy!  Smiling alot, repeating alot but it was a good time.

While at this same restaurant, back in Jersey again at YB’s we had this beautiful start to our dinner.


Sorry, it’s sideways.  Crispy cold watermelon slices with Feta Cheese in between, a bit of normal salsa on the side, a bit on top with some pea shoots and drizzled with honey.  OMG. 

This past week started with the birth of our daughter Ruth’s (and Matt) first child, Calliope.  Cute huh.


She is just one hour old in this picture.  You would have thought I birthed her I was (and am) so proud.  Gushing is the word.  Check these toes:


Little square pegs, yoga feet.  Ruth says they are her Stompers; just like her Mom.  It’s amazing when you see certain traits down the road on another person….at a later date.  Incredible.

Life is good.  We have three little grand daughters now.  I’m in heaven.  Just think of all the pinkness in my life.  It boggles me.  I had just come back from California visiting my other two little pumpkins and now we have three.

I would like to say, it’s kind of corny but we weren’t in the delivery room (thanks) but I was stalking the hallway waiting for news and actually, I have no shame, kept creeping up to the closed door and pressing my ear to it.  What a dork.  Well, I heard some murmuring and then heard the baby cry when she came out.  No kidding, a direct connect to my heart.  It was as though a electric plug had been connected from her to me.  Amazing feeling, amazing, I’ll never forget it.  Life is a miracle.


2 thoughts on “New Computer so bear with me please.

  1. Betsy says:

    Congrats proud Grandma! Give Calliope’s Mom and Dad a big thumbs up for their beautiful contribution to the family.


  2. anne catell says:



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