Let’s kickstart this thing with Frozen Homemade Yogurt!

First, my disclaimer…..I am so sorry I’ve been out of touch.  I’ve been overwhelmed with the technology world which now surrounds me.  Trying to avoid it, yet trying to learn the whole process at the same time.  Not there yet but coming along, I believe.  On to a recipe:

I’ve been making yogurt for Paul for years.  He can’t stand the stuff in the store and for some reason my tummy can’t tolerate the store bought stuff so I started making it with a Donvier yogurt maker – perhaps 30 years ago.  It’s o.k. maybe mediocre, bland.  It’s one of those individual cup things that sit on a platform with a plastic cover and warm all night.  Weird.

A few years ago I graduated to again a Donvier thermal box – one I got from  the Cheese company.  Tiresome again as I would bring the milk to a high temp. with all sorts of thermometers then reduce to another, fiddling and timing then adding a culture, pour, seal and wait a day.  Limited amount.

Finally, I’ve streamlined it.  Simple, easy smeezy.

I put a gallon of milk in a large kettle.

Bring to a boil (which happens to be the perfect temp.) shut off the burner.  Pour into a large bowl and let cool for about a half hour. 

Whisk in two 5 gram packets of Yogourmet – a freeze dried yogurt starter (I got this online but I suppose you can get this pretty much anywhere) OR plan ahead and save 4 Tbs. of your previous yogurt, if it’s fresh, and mix that in instead.  You just looking for the culture to regenerate a new batch.

Pour it into 4 clean Quart jars and 1 pint jar.  Place in the cold oven with the light on (the light keeps the yogurt warm) and leave overnight.  I usually leave it in for 24-30 hours.  Paul really likes it sour.  15 hours is probably about regular for most people.  You can just keep tasting it to find our taste level.  Once you refridgerate it that stops the fermenting.

Four quarts seems like a lot but pretty soon you’ll be making the ice cream so your really going to want to make allot.  I also make a coco fudgie cookie that takes a lot of yogurt.  That will be a super soon recipe I’ll put here – give you a chance to get your yogurt made.

A note about this yogurt…..for some reason I don’t have any issues with this yogurt.  I can eat a whole jar and not have any problems.  Makes me happy as I know cultures are good for you.  Perhaps I can cut back on Sauerkraut eating!

Yogurt Ice Cream (aka to die for)

½ C. sugar

1/3 C. water

¼ C. honey

Whisk together above in a small saucepan, bring to a boil, pour into a glass measuring cup and cover, chill overnight.

1 Quart whole milk plain yogurt

1 C. heavy cream

In a bowl, whisk everything together.  Place in your ice cream maker and let it go for about ½ hour. 

Keep tasting along the way because the transisition from liquid to a semi solid is the ultimate taste experience….soft serve is my favorite spot!

I scoop it into canning jars again and freeze.  When your making the sugar, water, honey part you could infuse it with herbs, lemon or whatever is your desire.  Next time I’m putting in fresh basil or thyme.

This particular recipe came from The Preservation Kitchen by Paul Virant w/Kate Leahy.  A most fabulous book I recently came across.

Well, there is supposed to be a photo here but darned if I can figure out how to get it.  I have a new computer – very modern! Ultra different from my 8 year old Apple yet this is still an Apple.  Darn.


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