Some Sewing, Some Food and Some Big Time Snow Going On!

What is happening outside?  It’s such a mess, so much snow.  My poor birds are trying to get their…

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Some Sewing, Some Food and Some Big Time Snow Going On!

What is happening outside?  It’s such a mess, so much snow.  My poor birds are trying to get their evening carbs but the wind is every which way with blinding white stuff all over the place.  We have so many Bluebirds…..I’m not sure where they came from but they are here and hopefully to stay.  I love that blue color.  It’s the same color as the background to this blog site.  That Blue!

Awhile ago Heather and I went to see a man who sells leather scraps out of his garage in Berwick, Maine.  I bought a number of squares, all about the same size 22″ x 18″ – cool colors, all for $5.00 each.  I’ve been thinking about them….what to do?  Finally I had an epiphany the other night and have been thinking about it ever since.  I usually don’t use patterns for anything so it’s all rattling around in my head.  I’m so boring.


This is what I came up with.  A knitting bag for traveling.  My favorite color included.  It’s lightweight and I didn’t break one needle.  Easy to do, took all of about an hour or so.  I love these quick projects and using something I had hanging around works for me too.

During this blizz I’ve been baking as we’re driving to Jersey tomorrow to see Ruth & Matt.  Ruth usually has a few food requests (did I say a few and usually?).  I made a Cherry Pie as it’s Valentines Day.   Ooops, came up as a Document and not a picture.  I’ll add it later.  I made 16 Almond Scones for their freezer to bake off and these Dream Bars.


Let’s talk about Dream Bars.  When I was in Florida a few weeks ago, kicking around, waiting to come home, I went into a Williams Sonoma store.  Nice, expensive, nothing I really needed or wanted.  As I was cruising through there were these mixes, cute, with these two guys on the box cover expounding on the way they invented this product.  WAIT, HELLO?  They didn’t invent this.  I wouldn’t say we did either but…..we did it way before these little pipsqueeks came on the “food scene”.  We called them Dream Bars because Amanda who worked for me dreamed up the recipe while she was sleeping.  I’m sure lots of people have put two and two together – brownies and chocolate chip cookies – gooey raw batter of brownie on the bottom, gooey raw batter of chocolate chip cookie on top, bake….Dream Bars.  Yum.  I was so ripped when these “Brooklyn Chocolate” guys said it was theirs.  NOT.

Drives me crazy how all the new foodies are coming up with impossible food – all in the role of outdoing each other.  I was reading Food & Wine the other day and there was this young actress.  I’ve never heard of her.  She was talking about having butter and coconut oil in her coffee in the morning from a particular restaurant in L.A. She claims she gets her fats in the morning that way and her body does not crave fat the rest of the day.  I spoke with my trusty friend Carol who is a Doctoral Nutritionist.  She laughed and said bullshit.  She said she probably spends the day puking from that gross coffee combo and that is the “diet”.   I’m annoyed Food and Wine printed that.  Really.  When are we ever going to go back to publishing real food, nutritionally correct food not these hip blatherings.

I finished the dress for Ruth’s little girl.


It’s made with sock yarn which explains the striping effect.  Sweet.  It’s very tiny.

My friend Heather and I have been working on a collaboration and she did this lovely illustration of our grand daughter, Colbie, reading books. 


It really looks exactly like her!


Hopefully something will happen with this.  Zoe is in it as is Calliope….all my little girls.

Off to pack for Jersey….I can smell that south shore pizza now, thin, crisp, saucy, garlic and a dark beer.  Yum.  There is nothing like New Jersey Pizza.