Just a few ideas

The other day the younger Paul was coming over for breakfast so I thought I’d make his favorite, biscuits.  It’s one of those comfort things I tend to go to anytime, so simple and flaky.  I’m trying to use non-hydrogenated rather than butter or crisco.  Butter really works in these types of things but….The problem is this non-hydo stuff is difficult to break up.  It flakes and is kind of like rocks, not sliceable or easy to get to pea size with your fingers like crisco is.  While perusing the shelves for anything that might work I found a potato masher – it works great!


A Happy Camper moment for me.  As this stuff doesn’t have much or any flavor you might want to add cheese or something but you do get flaky crusts from this.  Cool.

Lemon is one of my favorite things.  Saveur has a cool idea this month, in case you missed it.  A chef with a just fabulous name, Carla, had this idea in there so I did it and it perfectly satisfies my lemon tooth.  You cut up a whole lemon (after scrubbing), ditch the seeds, keep everything else.  Put it in a quisinart or some such and pulverize then add olive oil till it’s this nice emulsion.  I don’t know how much, I just poured it in till I had enough to fill my clean empty salsa jar.  It’s pretty fantastic.  She suggests using it tossed with roasted potatoes, great idea.  I’d toss it with everything.  Last night it was dribbled on our salad w/blue cheese crumbles, some small tomatoes and a strawberry or two.  Wow!


Back to my forgetting to put up some Bahamas water pictures.  This first one is the approach to that lighthouse in the distance, Hope Town.Image

You just want to be lying in it face down with a snorkel on (great to be able to breathe while your at it in that face down position, no?).

We motored across the water to this popular restaurant on our last day – Snappa’s.  Beer and fish with this view.


This last one is as we arrived at the Miami Airport, two days before Christmas (a nightmare of travelers).  What Paul is holding is our sign board that goes on the back of the boat underneath the name.  We brought it home to have our friend Artie of Cider Hill Woodworks carve us a new one.


Paul looks so darn serious when actually I think he was just trying to compose himself.  When we got off the little hopper plane from the island there were just so many people swarming around Miami, wild, crazy, tons of noise with massive visual impact.  We hit a bar pronto for a glass of wine.  When we finished that up we walked out the door and tried walking around but it was too much and, everyone was speaking Spanish and on the way to South America.  We found another bar, glass number 2.  It’s really hard to be “away” with zero stimulus, no phone, tv, people, radio, etc. just two people kinda quiet reading and swimming and then to step into something like Miami.  Yiiikes it was a culture shock.

Today’s agenda?  I’ve been asking myself that for a bit now and think I have settled on making a fleece coat for Luna.  I am desperate to go for a walk but it’s so darn cold (less than 20) which is o.k. but it’s windy as hell.  Yesterday while it was warm and raining as it was 40 something, I brushed Luna down to get rid of all her undercoat and fuzz.  She’s been shedding all over the place so I got rid of tons.  Watching it blow in the wind off the porch where she was being brushed I could see theres going to be tons of bird house construction materials available for those little guys in our bushes.  So now I’m afraid she might be cold without an undercoat.  Then it’s on to the more serious project I’ve so far avoided for six days so far (and counting); preparing numbers and files for closing out our company books for the year.  A massive project.  My vision is wobbly for trying to do it on the computer so I put everything, ever last cent, down on a multi taped together spread sheet and then try and make the numbers add up all ways.  Worst project of the year.

One last thing.  The book I’m reading, Endurance about Shackleton’s 1914/16 voyage to the Antarctic.  What is wrong with me?  It’s a freezing, miserable story and the fact that it’s freezing and miserable outside doesn’t help.  I guess it could be construed as exciting because as I’m reading it I have the sound effects just outside my window and can imagine being there.  But, it’s definantly not a girl thing, women don’t do these crazy things.  I’m curious.  I’d like to find a study about why women don’t do these risky, cold, miserable types of adventures. What’s different about our brains (boy, that’s a big one).  I know that’s possibly a generalization to say that and perhaps I just don’t read or hear about it but I suspect it’s rare.  Any ideas?


One thought on “Just a few ideas

  1. anne catell says:

    Endurance is one of my top 3 books! I jealous that you’re in a warm spot. It’s so damn cold here.


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