Happy Newest year!

2014, who would think?  I remember when I read the book 1984 and thought gee, that is so far in the distance could it be real.  And, bingo, here we are.

This is going to be kind of a backwards post (I forgot to download our Bahamas pictures first) so this will be a really to date kind of a post.  Like last night….one of my food mags, bon appetit suggested a Preserved Lemon Potatoes idea – great, does anyone have preserved lemons on hand, duh.  I did have Rosemary though and the almost very last of our own potatoes.  I did as they said, the usual, tossed the potatoes in some olive oil, s&p, rosemary and then roasted half way at 450.  Then I pulled them out, shaved lemon peel all over, squeezed a whole lemon’s juice, tossed and continued to bake.  Awesome!  Would have been even more so dipped in sour cream or something green maybe, kale mayo? But, as I am working on my dietary habits, a bit cleaner, lighter, I stuck with it and just had them as is with sauteed turkey burgers and avocado, not bad.


And, Food & Wine had a cool one:  Kale, Chard & Soppressata Pie.  Didn’t have most of that either but I do happen to have quite a bit of kale on hand most days.  This is a yummy dish although I should not have told the big boy that it was kale.  He even told me if I told him it was spinach he would have loved it.  As I didn’t have the chard or meat I just made it with tons of kale, garlic, lots of ricotta and I found some appetizer salami sticks which I chopped up for the fat part.  Great pie hot!  Kinda grossed me out eating it cold the next day which is the way Paul always eats these leftover things. 


What I altered from the original recipe is I used one half whole wheat in the crust; next time I might use rye flour and beer for the liquid as it’s a nice earthy flavor.  I used all kale, at least a pound, 6 cloves of garlic instead of two and 10 oz. of ricotta instead of 4.  I should learn to cut back on recipes or have company over when I do these things as we were eating this everyday for awhile which is o.k. by me but Paul had oh so many opportunities to tell me how much he hates kale.  Not worth it.

So, make your own pastry but use half something else for flour, use beer for the water part and add 1/2 C. parmigiano reggiano cheese in it. Chill the crust quite a bit.Saute your garlic in olive oil, add the kale a but at a time until it cooks down a bit, season with salt & pepper, throw some hot pepper flakes in also. Put in colander to drain and cool a bit.

Roll out the dough.

Whisk 4 eggs in a bowl, add the ricotta and kale mixture. 

Put in the crust, cover with top crust, vent and bake at 400 for 1/2 hour then 375 for another half.

It’s delicious no matter what anybody else says.

In my quest to be “embracing winter” my friend Marj’s term, not mine, I’ve been cross country skiing.  Love it anyway it’s just getting all those clothes on.  While skiing with my pal Janet the other day her daughter showed up with her “job”.  She’s a dog walker.  She had 13 dogs in tow and with our three it was a mob scene.  So much fun.  All of them had a blast.  In the picture is a little white nippy dog with a black spot eye, so darn cute, bothering my Luna (the half shown brown dog).  She kept coming to me with that look of get her the heck away from me. 


It was lovely that day, sunny, not bad on my skin.  I tell you, getting away for a week is oh so worth it, completely improves my view of the winter months ahead.  Of course, I’m planning on splitting again at the end of this month and yes, I am fortunate and appreciate it believe me.

With the last day of the month and year I put all our Chistmas stuff away.  We don’t have tons of things around just the Nutcrackers of the kids – 20 of them.  I got them partially bagged up, and sent a photo to Ruth.  Her usual retort…how will they breathe?  Really, 31 years old, having a child of her own and she still remembers her own teddy bear who was bagged up when left in a hotel room.  We retrieved the bear and he breathed again but it rocked her world.


I have not been weaving of late although I do have quite a few projects planned.  Knitting is usually my winter hibernation activity.  This is my current project.  I’ve knitted one and am started on a new one for Ruth with larger needles.  My needles were in the wrong sleeves so I spent one whole headband knitting tightly.  It’s o.k. I’ll keep that one as it fits, it’s just a tad thicker and tighter.



Have a lovely day out there!



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