Bon Voyage

Getting really excited.  Tomorrow we leave for warm waters for a week.  Very good timing as there is a nasty blizzard going on outside right now.  I wish I could take the dog and cats with me.  They have this look in their eye of fear that I’m leaving them behind.  Such guilt.  My friend Viv comes and stays here and takes really good care of them so…..they will be just fine.

I wanted to share this picture first: 


I took this yesterday while we were at the beach.  I got this hair brained idea that it would be fun to walk on the beach at low tide, 3 p.m.  Oh so wrong!  The Blizz was just beginning, the sand was frozen at dead low so it was a ice rink and cold beyond belief.  There is something about wet, sub zero, gray, dark ocean – geech, bad idea.  And, it was windy as hell.  Luna was content but we were trying to walk backwards as the snow/sleet stung us.  Hum, walking backwards on a wet sheet of ice crystals, not good.  We drove up to the Nubble after our short 10 minute walk.  Ruth and Matt got married where those cars are parked on December 23rd. seven years ago?  Really?  Paul’s mom said it was the very first drive up wedding she had ever been to.  It was awesome cause no other fools were out (it was much like yesterday); we had the whole place to ourselves, 15 of us, and Granny could be right up front and hear yet be comfortable in the car with the heat blasting.  Their wedding was about 5 minutes long and we all skedadled back to our house to eat the zillions of appetizers we made.

This past week, realizing we were going to be somewhere else the week before Christmas (yeah) I made Christmas Stollens.


I like this picture but I do miss those fake colors of the Christmas fruits you get at the store.  Paul is always so offended that I would use them I decided this year to “not hear it anymore” so I cut up all my own dried fruits from around my shelves.  It’s just not the same.


Really yummy toasted w/butter and coffee on the side in the morning.  One of my happy foods.

About six weeks back I made some Indian Sauerkraut.  It’s ready.  I made it with Napa cabbage as that is what I had excess of.  I used lots of tumeric as you can see from the color, cumin,  garlic, onions and some caraway.  It’s nice, not terribly spicy or crisp but I guess that’s because Napa is a soft cabbage. 


That’s it.  Have a lovely holiday.  A few of these pictures were taken with Instagram.  I’m not sure how you get them from me on there, if your interested but try carla rollins perhaps?  ciao ciao



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