Correction on the Chocolate thing

Skip the sugar in the Smoothie.  It is too much!  I tried it this morning with no sugar and liked it much better.  I get enough for two large drinks which amounts to 8 grams of sugar from the cherries alone.  It’s not too much.  Ruth suggests putting raspberries in also – I like that idea.

And, the bath towels are done.  Cushy! 


I’m going to dig into my cottolin for lighter colors and make some bath towels for Ruth and Matt’s new up and coming baby.  This towel has a great “hand” which means feel.  I think the old boy will be happy with it even though it’s got a lot of pink in it.  I tried to tone it down on the second one by using blue & green as it’s weft instead of pink & green.  They have an inch of fringe on either end.


2 thoughts on “Correction on the Chocolate thing

  1. says:

    Hi Carla. Bob Quinn here ( an old patron of your York shop) and Dr. Matt Jones father in law. My daughter Kimberly extends her best as well.

    Your pizza looked terrific. I just started making my own pizzas but not very happy with end product. Can’t seem to get the crust THIN enough. Using store bought dough (probably the first mistake) — any suggestions foe nice thin crusts?

    Thanks so much.

    Merry Christmas & the BEST for 2014.

    Bob Quinn


    • carlarollins says:

      Hi Bob. I am so sorry that I missed this. We’ve had an extremely busy winter running away from the cold. I just saw this today and it’s May 25th. My apologies. If you are still having trouble with your pizza crust come on over and I’ll make a date to make it and show you how. Easy, really easy. Do you know where we live? Corner of Scotland Bridge and Route 91, boatyard, any time. Carla


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