It’s a dark and dreary day out there.  I’m not sure it can be any worse, drizzly, cold, raw, gray just plain horrible.  The plan, chocolate.

I picked up a book last night at The Shreaf St. Bookstore in Portsmouth.  It’s a tiny, cute little used book store, one man operation.  We took three canvas bags of books in to donate and came home with half a bag full of purchased used books.  Such suckers.  But, there was a book called “50 Shades of Kale”.  Very interesting, great recipes written by a doctor who, among other things, deals with anxiety and depression.  It’s a clever book.  As I was flipping through there was a chocolate smoothie that looked awesome….really rich and dark, kind of like thick cocoa.  He states all the ingredients energize, boost blood flow, improve mood, etc.  Check these ingredients.

1 C. chopped kale

12 oz. frozen pitted black cherries

2 Tbs. cocoa powder

2 Tbs. organic sugar

That’s it and I happened to have it all.  I keep those cherries for our smoothies in the morning and the kale I grow, bag and freeze for the winter – the rest is a given in our house.  I put it all in the blender, added water to the right consistency.  Yummy!  Really, yummy!  I felt like I was drinking a very thick chilled cocoa.  Who would know it was all good?


I was having a rough morning, made this, drank a large glass (not this weeny) and honestly within 10 minutes I was feeling a whole lot better.

Decided I was on a roll.  Paul has been bugging me for brownies of late.  I don’t like to make them for him because to me they are inedible, high fat content, way to rich.  And, it’s not good for him either.  So, I made the gluten free ones that I can usually slip by him.


1 C. Garbanzo bean flour

1/4 C. potato starch

2 Tbs. arrowroot

1/2 C. cocoa powder

3/4 C. sugar

2 tsp. baking powder

1/4 tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp. xanthan gum

1 tsp. salt

1/2 C. coconut oil

1/2 C. unsweetened applesauce

2 Tbs. vanilla

1/2 C. hot water

1 C. rich chocolate chips

1 C. walnuts

Now these ingredients you’ll probably have to shop for.  It’s a miracle I found everything downstairs but then remember, if there is a problem in the world, come here because I’ll be able to feed hundreds for at least a year or so it seems.

Set oven at 350.  Grease a baking dish.  Mix everything together with a whisk, pour in pan, bake at least 1/2 hour, check it occasionally with a toothpick.  Pull it when it’s still moist.

But, check it out, pretty healthy fats, no dairy, no eggs.  We can eat this.

A day of chocolate and I’m a happy camper!

Another kale thing you may want to try:

2 C. chopped kale

1/2 tsp. salt

2 cloves garlic, chopped fine

1 C. mayonnaise or 1/2 yogurt/1/2 mayo.

zest & juice of one lemon

Combine it all in a food processor.  Use this instead of mayo.  I need to get more kale!

In between all this stuff I’ve been weaving today I finished up one 55″ bath towel, changed weft colors from a variegated pink to variegated blues.  I love the change.  The pink was just too way out there for me. 


Toned down, yes?  But, this is the warp I’m dealing with and it’s hard to cover.


Just after Thanksgiving I made pizza.  How come homemade pizza is just so satisfying?  It hits all our buttons.  We have it often and there is nothing like a dark beer to go with it.


First of December

King Leo Appears



This is yet another “memory” food for me.  When the kids were little we used to look at the Williams Sonoma magazine and buy cool things for christmas cookies, etc.  We didn’t get out much with two kids a year apart and one 8 years older, living in a loft in a barn we stayed home most of the time.  The magazine was such a treat and with beautiful pictures.  I loved to bake, even then so we’d buy all sorts of sprinkles, etc. and decorate.  The King Leo peppermint sticks were a must have.  Now whenever I see them (it’s a rare sighting) I buy a few cans and keep them in the freezer – this is one, actually my last one so I’m rationing my sticks.  But, when I take the bubble wrap off and freezer paper it always brings back some really happy memories.

Speaking of happy memories.  I made a terrarium from found woods things yesterday and surrounded it with our nutcrackers which the kids got when they were little.  We had flights of steps all over the place in the apartment so we would get a new nutcracker each year to sit on the step.  It’s a miracle any of them have survived….kids, dogs, fooling around, nutcrackers falling many stairs at a time.  It was a crazy house.  But, they have survived and we seems to have quite a few, like 25 I think.  I set them up on our porch table and that is our Christmas “tree”.  I’ll put a picture up next time.

I’m hoping to make stollens this week.  I usually make them in time to give as gifts on Christmas Eve for our neighbors for their Christmas morning breakfast but we’re heading south next Monday and won’t be back until the day before Christmas….yeah, yeah, yeah.  Crabby Paul says they’re gross, no one wants them anyway.  He’s a torturer, so nasty.  They are delicious, jerk.

Go get some kale.

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