November, already!

I hate to say it, but times flying by.  We or rather Paul has had such a busy fall.  I’m along for the ride.  We did go together out to California to see the kids.  The day after we got back Paul drove to Ft. Lauderdale in a rush,  to work on a huge boat.  Kinda cool that they know about his expertise all the way up here in Maine.  He stayed at the Bahia Mar, I was jealous.  It’s a fabulous hotel on the beach.  I found it a few years ago as it is always mentioned in those Travis McGee books by John D. McDonald (sp?). Easy books we read while on our boat in the tropics. This character in the book lived on his houseboat called The Busted Flush and kept it at the Bahia Mar.  When I was looking for a place in between flights from the Abaco’s to home I remembered the hotel and went there.  Very cool place and…..ta da……$99./a night, gorgeous room actually on the Intercoastal Waterway with the ocean across the street.  Couldn’t ask for anything better!  While Paul was there his older brother (my age) passed away out in the Dakotas (yiiikes).  So, Paul hopped in his truck and drove home then flew out there the next day for that stuff.  Very sad.  Now Paul is back and we’re getting back to normal again.  We may do the Florida thing occasionally this winter as there is a ton of work for him and his toes are happier in a warm climate.  We’ll see.

I got a ton done while he was gone.  I started a baby sack for Ruth’s baby. 


It’s really cute.  It’s not very big.  I think you roll it down like a sock, put the baby in and pull it up, all snuggly.  It will probably only work for about a month but then they start moving around anyway.  It’s sweet.

I did some weaving and wasn’t sure I posted that last time but here’s a shot I don’t think I put up.  It’s a bread rising cloth.


My winter water exercise class has started – love it!  It’s hard.  We use sponge weights and have our arms out of the water most of the hour…, I’m exhausted when done.  You’d think being in a pool it would be all floaty and soft.  It’s hard work, for me anyway.  I feel great and just love the anywhere from 25-50 old ladies I swim with.  They are so sweet.  When I was changing in the locker room yesterday there was a heated conversation I overheard about this lady who was taking off for a week-end date with her new boyfriend.  She is so sweet, round, 75 maybe and just bubbly all over with happiness.  I think it’s cool.  Everyone was really respectful and not asking embarrassing questions and truly wishing her happiness.  A bit different than the “boy talk” I remember when I was young.  It takes age to be cool!

I made a bag for my towel and stuff.  Fun.  It’s a fabric grocery store bag pattern.  I had a nice scrap from a dress I made this summer and lined it with a heavy ticking that I got from Salvation Army.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the pink and white stripe heavy stuff but it was too nice to pass up for a buck.  It’s perfect! 


The first few days Paul was gone my eating pattern changed drastically.  Like Wine & crackers for dinner, no lunch, etc.  It was bad so one day, not too far into it I got out all I could to steam something up and have a healthy dinner. Vegetables and polenta. Yummola.


The garden needed to be put to bed so I went out and tilled that to death one afternoon.  I made it bigger also – very hard digging into that grass but it’s much larger now.  The tiller found a pile of carrots I didn’t know were there…..such a sweet treat.


We’re going to extend our big garden in the spring as our two trees, that used to be tiny, have gotten so big now.  One is a Japanese Dogwood and the other is an Apple tree.  These trees were planted eight years ago in memory of two special people so I can’t yank them out…..we’ll just extend off to the side.  I do like the shade from them both now.  Kittie, our little yellow guy, loves to lay in the shade and watch me garden.  It’s her spot.

Luna and I have been doing allot of beach walking – whenever the tide is low we head over there.  It’s so beautiful.  She just loves trotting along looking for a dog to socialize with.  I see her slowing down a bit now – she doesn’t go up to all the dogs, picks and chooses and then when she does play it’s just for a minute or so then moves along.  She’s 9.5 years old now.  Young.


We are so lucky to have the ocean just 6 miles away.  I never go in the summer and also don’t swim in it but I really love walking on the hard sand at low tide.  It doesn’t matter what time of day, it’s beautiful.

While driving home from the airport with Paul the other day we decided to find our old favorite German Sausage Kitchen, Karl’s.  They moved after a zillion years from Route One in Saugus.  We found them a few miles up the road in a very hidden spot – hard to find but now that we know where they are.  The best!  We bought the usual, German Potato Salad, Pickled yellow beets, Bratwurst, Knockwurst, Beerwurst and Cherry Strudle.  They now have a full store and a cafe inside.  Paul having just eaten couldn’t resist more so he ordered a pulled lamb sandwich with au jus and sauerkraut.  Darn good, really darn good.  I made this that evening with our stash. Made a blueberry pie as soon as we got home.  Too hot for dinner time but awesome with coffee the next morning.


The salad is mostly our lettuce, beets from Karl’s and other fruits, etc. from the fridge. I throw everything in.  There was some gorgonzola in there also.

And, last…..a Turkey.


Crazy Carla.  Who else cooks a turkey this close to Thanksgiving?  Our grocery store is selling them for .49 cents a pound – who can resist?  I have a big one in the freezer for turkey day when Ruth & Matt are here – that one is getting Fried via Matt’s project.  No gravy – how can that be?  So, I cooked this one up, froze the juice for gravy making on the big day (which happens to be my birth day also).  Now I have a zip loc with just turkey meat in it.  That’s going to become a tetrazini for tonight; lots of broccoli in house.  I’ve roasted up the bones and reduced a stock with those to put in the freezer also.  I may have to try and avoid the grocery store so I won’t buy any more turkeys…..well, perhaps one or two more?  Just to get us through January.

Happy Trails and I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving.  I may check in sooner as I really am hoping to make a cake for us – I never seem to get one with THAT holiday of pies, etc. around my BIG DAY so this year I think I’ll just do it and then just eat it!


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    Happy almost birthday!! I owe you lunch–Newmarket- let’s go!!!! Anne


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