Drama City

The things that happen over here….just amazing. 


This could just be a normal occurrence for some people but of course, cause it’s us, this situation had to happen just five seconds before we were expecting 17 people for dinner.

I had worked all day on a pizza experiment (and cleaned the darn house).  My deal was: make six crusts by rising and chilling over night for three days and four crusts my usual way, mixed around noon, rise, chill for an hour and bake.  So, to help eat all these pizzas we had a pile of friends over.  But, before all that…..as I was sweeping the porch at the last minute (really, everyone was due at 5:00, why so early? cause at 8:23 my eyes shut, weird I know but true), Paul was up taking a 5 minute shut eye.  Anyhow, as I was sweeping and this huge shadow swooped down over me and landed on the other side of my car.  Wholly mackeral it was huge!  I flung off my stupid shoes (the ones that disable me from running cause they are floppy) and ran screaming around the car – 20 feet if that.  I was a tad hysterical as I thought this giant bird was trying to lift off with my yellow kitty (couldn’t be the black one she’s so fat and heavy).  Turns out, no cat but the Eagle was spinning, rather slowly, in circles with it’s leg dragging.  Full wing span so I couldn’t get close.  Paul was close on my heels, who wouldn’t be with my screaming, with our comforter/down coverlet from the bed…..geech, “can you not grab something else?”.  He covered the bird, picked it up which was not easy, it was thrashing and huge, put it in the passenger seat and sat in the drivers seat holding it down.  I called the police wondering where does he take it?  I know where the Center is but was not sure it was open, etc.  They told me they would send Animal Control as it’s an endangered species and we can’t handle or transport them.  Ah, I had visions of that drama to arrive, lights, action, you know, small town, sirens, etc.  Meanwhile the guests started piling in, all on time, and even some boat customers showed up at that moment to look at stuff – chaos, lots of people with lots of advice.  Paul was sitting calmly in the car waiting……..Mr. Animal Control must have been a rookie as he showed up with a cat box….HELLO???  It ended up, Paul and a friend drove behind him up to the Center on Mt. Agamenticus.  Barry, who was holding the bird guy said it was thrashing under the blanket and stunk to high heaven.  When they got there the crew was wicked excited, they had never had a Bald Eagle in the facility….  They were great, took the bird, gave it it’s own room and went to work.  They said they will call us today with the results and that if the bird survives they will bring it back here to release it.  As soon as I know, I’ll post the results.  Paul thinks it hit a wire.  I thought it’s leg was broken yet…it was flapping it’s wings why wouldn’t it fly off with a broken leg?

So, the party began, Paul and Barry returned about an hour later. 

In the meantime we started in on the small brewery beer we had gotten the night before.


Interesting.  A year ago I had never heard of a Growler; well, here it is.  A few months ago some girl pals invited me to go to a tasting at this Brewery.  The only women owned Brewery.  They were introducing a new beer (jalapeno) and had a Mexican Food Truck outside.  I admit, it was the Food Truck that lured me.  It is the coolest place.  This is in one of those sheds in an industrial park set back in the bushes – they just open the overhead door a few hours a week and wallah!  there is a bar with a chalk board showing you what is brewed and ready.  For a buck you get half a glass and for nothing you get all the small samples you want.  The girls and I had so much fun – people bring their own chairs and sit in the parking lot.  Friday night I talked Paul into going with me to get some of these Growler things to go with the Pizza.  This time only a few people were there, but all instantly our best friends, but of course I had Mr. Handsome Man with me and there was a film crew…..Paul needed to sign a release as they shot him.  They said they were doing a Documentary.  He’s a magnate for that stuff.  I had to sign also (I’m sure they got me throwing back all those free shots, ah, old woman drinking shots, yiikes).  Anyhow, long story short, we had a blast, it was homey, fun, delicious and out of the ordinary for us.  Great time.  And, our guests loved them too – perfecto with pizza.  We seem to have a zillion tomatoes these days.  I made a very large – large like I used my biggest shallow bowl which is actually a glass bird water feeder – one of those things that sits on a pedestal in the yard.  It has a blown sunflower in the inside – really pretty, perfect for catering.  Anyhow, I filled that up with salad, my friend Judy chopped up lots of colorful tomatoes, toss, toss, great food, pretty and lots of it.

I should put a note in here…..the experiment aspect of this party…..who knows we were deep into the beer drinking thing by the time I was cooking the pies and I lost track of which crust was which.  We couldn’t tell.

David and Barbara Chase came.  David is the most fantastic flower gardener I know.  His flowers just blow me away.  His entire back yard is ringed with a sculptured landscape of purples, all sorts of shapes and sizes, PERFECTLY PLACED!  During the chaos he walked in with this bouquet for us…..


It was a lovely party, crazy as usual.  We always have some wild ass thing happening.  Life is good!

I think I’m going to weave today.  ta ta


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