Great new dinner for a rainy evening

I said to myself around 5 p.m. last night…..What to make?  Usually I have that one thought out early on in the day but it all went by in a blur until I noticed Paul having his beer eating all sorts of stuff from the fridge.  This skinny man can eat a full meal for a snack and then look for dinner also.  Weird.  But, anyhow, I had chicken roasted in a cast iron skillet from a prior dinner just sitting in the fridge downstairs.  I had thought of making tacos with it.  Boring.  The night before we had dinner with Cheryl and Vince Todd at Enzo’s in Newburyport.  Fancy, smancy.  Cheryl had a roasted vegetable dish that was served on polenta.  I had just seen a bean thing served on polenta I believe in Food and Wine.  I love polenta, especially because I now have a uber fast way of making it of which I will post in a second. 

As to last night…..


May not look like much but oh my, fabulous, particularly on a crazy thunderstorm kind of day.

So what I did…pulled the chicken off the bone and put it back in the same pan it had been roasted in, with all that crazy solidified juice (not too much) and it’s olive oil, paprika, s&p usually.  As that was simmering I made the polenta (it takes 12 minutes only and you only stir once).

Microwave Polenta

4 C. Water

1-1/4 C. Cornmeal

2 tsp. salt

Microwave for 6 minutes, stir in with a whisk.

Microwave another 6 minutes.

Pull it out and pour in 3/4 Cup milk, 1/2-1/2, cream, whatever (lucky me, I had goats milk) & 3 Tablespoons butter and black pepper.  Whisk around and let sit for 3 minutes.  Finished.

It’s soupyish when done, perfecto.  The next day it’s firm so you can pan saute then dribble maple syrup on it for breakfast or slice and serve with pesto, tomatoes, grilled veges, anything.

Back to the chicken thing.  As the polenta was in the micro I heated the chicken, added a can of canneli beans, a chopped tomato, some left over guacamole from Paul’s snack and some green olives.  I was going to sneak in some kale but Paul has that kind of radar sensor that when he sees green now he puts the brakes on.  I grew so much kale last summer then chopped and froze it; we’re still eating it, mostly in smoothies but occasionally in a dish like this or pizza.  So, I think that was it, just perfect.

I’ve been very busy of late, weaving quite a bit or at least working on planning, etc.  My newest project is going to be dishtowels and I’m making them with some washable wool from Sweet Georgia Yarn Company.  The contrast is not huge like the scarf I made prior but it’s the same concept and I think it will be cool dishtowels anyway.


Most of the cloth is 100% cotton, all blues and greens.  The wool is variegated with yellows/turquoise/blue, etc.

Paul’s work has been slow or he’s been just fooling around.  First he was asked to build a box for a friends ashes…kind of a blow, bad scene.  So, that got him into doing some non boatwork.  The box was beautiful.  I forgot to photograph it before it left – actually I didn’t want to photo it, kind of creepy I think.  I love the idea but don’t need to see it again.

Paul wanted to make me a tool box for my weaving things, hold tubes of yarn and all my materials.  He made these – out of cherry.


He’s so nautical!  The handles are bare wood in the middle as oars should be so when you have sweaty hands from rowing your hands don’t slide, as they would if it was painted or varnished.  Leather base so it slides with copper rivets tooled in.  They are lovely.  These are kind of large for my purpose so I think I’m going to get them on his web site and sell them maybe as magazine racks? This guy can make anything – he’s amazing.

Till then…….



One thought on “Great new dinner for a rainy evening

  1. says:

    Wow Carla- Paul does a very thoughtful, wonderful thing for you that is from his heart. It’s not $ but from his heart. Beautiful boxes. They are keepsakes. Love your blog and love your food and fiber!



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