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I’ve been feeling creative with the other side or rather my knitting/weaving section of my brain these days. 

I belong to a hand dyed yarn company post – Sweet Georgia Sock Yarn Club.  Each month I get a new skein of 4 oz. hand dyed something.  The fibers change so it’s always interesting to see what’s new in that little box that arrives.  A few months ago I got the beautiful blues and I think I showed a photo of it floating down in my pool – looked like a mermaid.  Then in May I got this raspberry/yellow/blue yarn.  Raspberry is not my go to color so I was stumped until flipping through my Handwoven Magazines I came across an interesting pattern called Dimity.  After moving the yarn around my weaving room it settled next to some tencel, royal blue & yellow. 



It was so exciting to be weaving something unique and to use colors I wouldn’t normally use and actually like it!  Simple pleasures.

I enjoyed this so much I’ve decided to use this weave and my new Yarn of the Month which is a superwash wool to make some dishtowels.  I’ve been trying to get to dishtowels forever.  I need them and they are a great gift to have on hand.  I’ll be putting this warp on next.


These should be really pretty when done.  I love the yarn and the 8/2 cotton (those fat skeins on the bottom) is one of my favorite yarns to weave with. 

I’m not sure I mentioned in my last post, as it was so long ago, that Paul and I went to the Bahamas recently.  True to form, Paul went down to start our little wooden lobster boat – a 32′ Downeast Cruiser north.  It’s been sitting in a Marina in Ft. Pierce, Florida for about 6 months.  Ft. Pierce is hard to get to, travel wise, expensive, etc. and there is not much there so the incentive to go there is dim.  Well, he got down there and decided to do his “Quest” and take it across to the Abaco’s.  Most people don’t do this on their own – Paul certainly is not most people.  He called and said, “meet me in Green Turtle Cay”…okey, dokey.  After many flights, cab and ferry ride I arrived in Green Turtle; no real town, certainly no hotel and no Paul.  The Ferry guy asked me what the boat looked like and said he saw something “different” earlier so we went exploring to another spot; Black Sound.  Sure enough, there was the boat on a dock.  This Island is so small, no real docks, just people’s docks.  Paul was on board, looking bad, he didn’t even hear the ferry show up or me hopping off onto the dock.  No sleep, probably not many liquids and certainly not much food, 24 hrs. crossing.  He had been covering himself with sunscreen the whole way as it was so friggin hot – high 90’s, 100% humidity.  He was sitting with his back to the dock and when I called his name and he turned around….scary, white drippy stuff all streaky.  Freaked me out.  o.k. off we go for a shower, food and lots of liquids.  He got better fast!  Cripes, I can’t let him out of my sight anymore.  He’s so risky.  Anyhow – here is a shot of the water from the boat as we were island hopping.



ooops. same photo, sorry.  I can never get enough of that beautiful water though.  It’s actually not always like that – that is us going over a sandbar in about 12′ of water.  We’re on an inside channel going from Green Turtle Cay to Guana or the same to Man O War another cute island.  So, we stayed at the three islands then went to the forth which was Elbow Cay which we’ve been to many times but that island has become a tourist spot so it’s too populated for us.  We took the boat over to Marsh Harbor, settled it in at a marina for hurricane season and flew home from that island.  It’s accessible now without too much expense.

On to the Food part of my life:

We planted, 30 years ago or more, some apple trees.  As we don’t spray we usually just have icky apples, totally non edible.  For some odd reason we have a ton of fruit this year relatively unmarred.  I made Apple pies about two weeks ago, mid August no less.  Beautiful green apples with a bit of red, not too sour.  I did use some sugar and honey to sweeten them.


No weight loss here.  So much for eating lightly and salads all summer.  Tonight we have dinner guests and I’m serving with the fish a salad of apples & cukes (which we have quite a few also).  It’s almost a chutney, I’ll experiment on and friends and post later.

The other day I made a favorite bread….hearty, seeded, nuts, perfect with cheese.


I’ve posted this before but I can’t resist again as it’s really my “go to” bread….fast, easy and I love throwing in all sorts of stuff.  It’s so flavorfull and pretty darn healthy I believe;  If you can tolerate flour.

Easy Little Bread Recipe, adapted from Heidi Swanson

1.5 C. Warm water

2 tsp. yeast

1 Tbs. runny honey

1 C. unbleached flour

1 C. whole wheat flour

1 C. rolled oats

1.5 tsp. salt

handful of chopped walnuts

2 Tbs. ground flax seed

1/3 C. Black sesame seeds

1/3 C. toasted sesame seeds

Actually you can put anything in….I’ve put dried fruits, sunflower seeds, etc.  I have a problem with oats for some reason so I’m about to eliminate that with probably more whole wheat or maybe a gluten free combo.

Anyhow, sprinkle the yeast in the water, add the honey and let sit a few minutes.  Add the rest, scoop into a greased baking pan.  Cover with a damp cloth and let rise for at least an hour.  Bake in a 350 oven for 40 minutes or so.  After it cools just a bit take out of the pan to cool completely.

Recently I acquired our stash of Maine blueberries for the winter freezer.  I got 24 quarts…cripes that is a bunch.  Yesterday I made more of the Blueberry/rhubarb jam that I posted not long ago.  I was surprised to see I still have ripe rhubarb out there.  It seemed like such a dry summer, in which case the rhubarb wouldn’t have lasted but….it’s still firm so I used 8 cups chopped for the jam.  This jam is just so awesome as it’s simply blueberries, rhubarb, lemon juice and sugar….nothing else.  Getting it to 220 degrees takes a bit of time, like an hour but it’s worth it.  Lovely stuff.  Gifts for the winter I suspect.

Labor Day week-end, stay off the roads my Maine friends.  I have this nifty free app on my phone called “WAVE”.  It’s amazing.  It is a gps map thing but it has reports from other drivers telling you what’s happening on the road, police, traffic, things in the road, break downs, accidents – all local.  I use that thing all week-end to determine if I can go food shopping or even to the bank or anywhere.  It will say….95 south complete standstill, 5 miles per hour, hidden police at such and such, Route One from York to Kittery barely moving, etc.  It’s amazing.  I used it coming home from New Jersey a while back and it saved my butt many times.  It will re-route you if there is trouble ahead.  Incredible little deal. Our son uses it out in California all day long.  Check it out. ciao ciao