Fiber Interests!

Gee, I’ve been so consumed with cooking this past spring you would think I never knitted.  I have finally finished a knitted project.  I belong to a group called Sweet Georgia Yarn – it’s online with Ravelry.  Each month I get a surprise skein of hand dyed yarn to do something with in sock weight.  I hate knitting socks so I made a small shawl/scarf. 

This yarn has been through lots of traveling with me, cars, planes, boats and many, many purses, plastic bags, etc.  It’s been rough on it.  It’s made of 50% wool and 50% Tencel so it has been a slippery bugger.  Slippery translates here to lots of mistakes; little holes here and there.  Not one to back track I filled in the holes while out at the pool the other day.  As I was sitting there mesmerized by the pool water I decided to just throw it in.  It had to be washed anyway so why not?


How’s that for a Mermaid doing a back flip????


A Sea Ray?  This was just as it was sinking…a last bit of buoyancy.

It was a hellish day… unbearably hot.  This was the temperature just outside the window of my kitchen, in the shade, as I was baking 417 scones!  I was dying.  P.S. we have no air-conditioning here.


The event I baked for was a Wedding in York Harbor ….. a Groom/Groom Wedding.  I made scones, homemade jams, strawberries, drinks galore for 300 plus people.  I did not take a photo of the food, wish I had, but it was almost out of control with the amount of people descending on us!  But, this lovely food greeted the guests as they filed out of the church – I understand the place was an OVEN, it was 11 a.m. but, we had loads of iced sparkling waters, lemonade, apple juice, iced and hot coffee – loads, 8 giant bags of ice and 4 blocks.  We had four tables set up with the food and a huge round for the drinks.  Helpy selfy on the sparky water – people were putting their hands in the ice water tubs just to cool off.  It reminded me of our sons wedding eight years ago when we had a similar temperature, 102.  Jesse’s friends picked him up and dumped him head first into the canoe we had filled with ice and drinks.  Very funny.  Boys!!!!

My staff was AWESOME…..Thanks to Linda/Gina/Richard and Anne…..hardworking, great pals.  I may do all the cooking but these people pull it together in the end and it always comes off smoothly.

Off to the pool……..





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