Some more summertime food

I’ve been making quite a few scones of late.  Today I finally stopped 447 and done!  It seems endless as I make about 42 or 3 at a batch.  I’m catering a “tea” with scones, etc. for a wedding this Saturday in the heart of York Harbor…..Saturday, 4th of July Week-end, on the way to the beach….no parking is what it says to me and now it’s supposed to be terribly hot!  Come on Saturday at Noon when I am done.  Can’t wait.  I am tired of worrying about weather I have enough….always a worry for me and I usually have too much anyway.

I’ve completed the three jams I’m serving.  Blueberry/Rhubarb, Ginger Rhubarb and then this which is Lemon Verbena.  I love growing this as it smells just beautiful.  Usually when I’m not making jam from it I put it in my ice tea.


ImageHere’s the finished product.  I doubled the recipe I’m posting below this picture.

ImageLemon Verbena Jelly – Herb Companion July 2012, Page 17

1-1/2 C. chopped verbena leaves

2 C. Water

2 Tbs. apple cider vinegar

3.5 C. sugar

3 oz. pectin, liquid

Combine the chopped leaves and water, bring to a boil then let it steep, covered for 15 minutes.

Strain the leaves reserving 1.5 C. of the liquid.  Put the liquid in a pot along with the vinegar and sugar.  Stir quite a bit as you bring it to a boil, take off the heat, add the pectin and return to a full rolling boil for 1 minute.

Pour into jars and boil in water bath for 5 minutes.  Fini

The other night I made a really fresh dinner with a lot of great things from our garden.  It’s so cool to go out there now and get some great stuff.

ImagePaul was talking about wanting a key lime tart….it just so happened I had a crust in the freezer ready to bake.  How easy.  I have a great, fast recipe for the tart.  You can decide not even 2 hours before you want it.

Key Lime Tart from James McNair’s Pie Cookbook, Page 52

1 Baked crust

4 egg yolks

1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk

1/2 C. or more lime juice, lime zest

Cool the tart a bit after you bake it then in a small bowl beat the yolks, condensed milk and lime juice together.  I usually use a fresh lime, get the zest off it first and add to the yolks then get the juice either by more limes or using a fresh jarred product.  I like to mix half and half lemon & lime – it tastes more like Key Lime Pie to me.

So, after you have used your whisk to blend, pour it in the crust and bake again for about 15 minutes at 350.  Fini


As some of you know I was in Florida the other day to check on our little boat.  Besides getting out of Dodge I like to let the neighbors (all liveaboards) that we still exist and as I hadn’t been there since April 4th. it’s was time.  Well, that was a mistake.  Too darn hot!  Due to inept airlines crap I left here at 7 a.m. and arrived to my destination at 9:30 p.m. – it’s only a 3 hr. flight but…..nightmare, as usual.  Most of the time I was at JFK in New York.  Bad scene.  I also was unaware that lots of people go south in July – really?  why?

But, anyhow it was very, very hot.  My neighbors could care less that I was there – they were safely ensconced in their boats with their air conditioners on.  I don’t have one and if I put one in the companionway I’m sure I would have to be committed as I hate cave type spaces.  My neighbor, about the only one who actually speaks to me when I’m there, I am invisible to the rest for some reason (Yankee? non gun toting? female alone, what a threat!?) anyhow, I digress, my neighbor came out of his cave at 10 p.m. and loaned me a fan for the night.  I was looking for a hotel on my way but there was nothing even remotely clean.  I was about ready to sleep on the air conditioned bathroom floor.  It actually is clean as it’s brand new, kinda nice.

So, my visit was for three days, all of it too long.  I went to my favorite book store in Vero and got quite a few books.  This one below was the most fabulous but I read it in a day and a morning….awesome book.


The pool you see in the background…..not refreshing, hot water.

There was a lovely sunset from the stern of the boat one evening……I think it was the night I was bug bit to death while I was sleeping.  Bug bite medicine……witch hazel.  Works fabulous but I didn’t discover that idea till I got home a few days later.  Man, I look like I have the measels on my legs and arms.


Isn’t that pretty?  I will miss that, that alone!  Paul is going to go down in a week or so and bring the little boat home to Maine.  It’s not practical where it is… enough for dockage but too far away and waaaaay too much of a nightmare of travel to get to.  We figure we’ll just leave it here in Maine where it belongs (it’s wooden), haul it for the winter so we can make modifications of which there are quite a few necessary.  This winter – we’ll go some place easy, non stop to get to when we just can’t deal with the cold.  There are a ton of airbnb’s out there and inexpensive.

Happy 4th. of July!



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