Summertime & the living is easy…..

Sort of.  How about Potato Salad?  We had our first of the season this week and we are still eating it, three days later.  This always reminds me of my mothers potato salad.  I don’t remember the taste the day, you know, fresh, mayonnaise  but a few days old…..yummy!

ImageI happened to have one of those bags of assorted mini potatoes on hand so I cooked them whole, lots of eggs, a few Bermuda onions and herbs from the garden.

Paul and I had a lovely lobster pasta the other night.  I’ve been into making home made pasta of late… easy, pretty fast and just does not compare to store bought stuff.  Even the stuff from the packaging that says fresh doesn’t compare.  I like it just plain with some lemon olive oil on it.  Paul loves the lobster thing so as I was up town and every tourist was at the tourist fish place on Route One so I went to the little guy, Southern Maine Lobster Company, up on One across from the Lobster Barn.  Great young guys, terrific product.  Please shop with them!!!  I got a pound of lobster meat, picked, $29.00 – a pound is a ton, wish I could get 1/2 lb.  He also had steamers, muds and sands.  Truly fab.  I think I got two lbs. – plenty as an app. with a beer! 

But, anyhow, I had a tomato pesto left over from a girls party.  This was something you put on French bread but makes a great sauce also, interesting, nutty.


This recipe is by Ellie Krieger.  I believe it was in Saveur a year or two ago.

3/4 C. sliced almonds

1-28 oz. can + 1-14 oz. can of Fire Roasted Tomatoes, drained

3/4 C. fresh basil, chopped

1 Tbs. + 1 tsp. red wine vinegar

3/4 C. olive oil

crushed red pepper flakes

3/4 C. Parmesan

1/2 tsp. salt

Toast the almonds in a skillet till toasted.  Cool slightly.

Transfer to Kitchen Aid, add through the vinegar, add the olive oil and cheese last slowly.  That’s it.  Makes quite a bit, yummy cold or hot.

For the pasta dish I cooked the pasta then just stirred in the cold sauce & cold lobster chunks.

Ah, the picture Ruth doesn’t want me to post. (sorry Ruth had to do it)


A few weeks back I was feeling vitamin deprived and I happened to have a pound of kale and a pound of spinach on hand.  A pound of these two green things is a ton!  I knew Paul would kill me if I sauteed it up every night for dinner so……I made Green Soup from Anna Thomas’s Love Soup Cookbook.  This is my favorite soup book.  Simple, clean, easy food.  I had just a bit of some Florida Beans, kind of like an earthy lima bean that I had gotten from Rancho Gordo in Napa.  So, I pureed it into the soup – about the same amount as you see in the picture.  It was great.  It boosted the soup with protein and it gave more body.  You wouldn’t know you were eating beans; it just made for a thicker soup.  We loved it.

What I did was:

Sauteed up a few large Vidalia onions for at least 5 minutes….the longer the sautee the sweeter the flavor.

I added each of my bag of greens, slowly as the pan wouldn’t take that much at once, it had to wilt down. 

Then I added some salt, a few cloves of garlic chopped, a few cups of water, same of chicken stock or vegetable then some black pepper and a left over sweet potato (cooked) that was hanging around. 

Simmered the soup for an hour or so then added the beans, let it simmer, pureed the whole thing and added 3 Tbs. lemon juice in the end. 

I wish I had more than one sweet potato to add, that was a sweet touch also.

I served it with a dribble of roasted butternut squash oil and some Parmesan.

We voted it the best!

The beans you see in the picture…..those went into a meat loaf.

Standard recipe…..few pounds of buffalo burger, chopped onions, carrots, bread crumbs, eggs, 1/4+ brown sugar, 1/4+ apple cider vinegar, seasonings and leftover beans.  I had some cornbread so I crumbled that in instead of bread crumbs this time and used salsa as a topping while baking instead of pasta sauce.  Usually I put crumbled blue cheese in but this one I was on a Mexican bent so I skipped that. 

Paul was off sailing a customers boat up north for him so I made cold meatloaf sandwiches for him……not bad!  Pretty hearty food for those open seas.

Well, it’s hot here now.  I’ve been working on the algae situation with our little pool.  It must just have been a terrible pollen year as I’ve never had this much trouble getting rid of that green stuff.  Strange.  But, it’s clean now so I’m in.

Tuesday I’m off to hotter still…..I’m going down to Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach in Florida to check on our boat for three days.  Paul was asking me what I’ll be doing and after looking at the weather report for down there I suspect I’ll be looking for air conditioned places…..Vero Library is always fun for me.  My mother used to work there.  It’s huge with such a wealth of information….all these cool little rooms with old facts.  I love old facts.  Vero also has a great Arts Center, a great book store and now a great Cafe called Patisserie Vero which it turns out is owned and run by a good friend of mine’s best friends.  Small world.  Oh, and there is a terrific fabric store way outside of town.  It’s a home goods type of place but fun because they have all those Florida type fabrics we don’t have up here.  I don’t buy much but it’s fun to look and see the turquoise with green embossed dolphins, etc. Coral is a big color down there.  I did buy a sale piece that is blue & beige that I made into a dress.  The owner was intrigued that I was going to make a dress from it and asked me to wear it in when I come back……I’m back!  Wonder if she’ll recognize it?

But, the dilemma…it’s really hot down there, 90 during the day and 75 at night.  Our boat is tiny, a one person cabin type of deal with no air conditioning and very small portholes.  I may be sleeping in the tv room at the marina or perhaps the laundry room.  Shades of Bag Lady.  I’ll let you know next week.  ciao



One thought on “Summertime & the living is easy…..

  1. Katie says:

    Good luck keepong cool. I like the tv room at the marina just act like you fell asleep watching tv. We are in cool Ct now. So nice to be back in New England. So close!!!


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