Gluten Free Mini Scones

But first, the new Portsmouth Bridge…not in place yet but kinda interesting looking with those huge chains.


Actually it looks like a bunch of jewelry necklaces  I was looking at in Target. 

As I have this wedding gig coming up I’ve been making mini scones – the other day I made Almond ones.  Yesterday I devoted to making Gluten Free (by request) mini’s for the event.

The first picture are the ones I made, cutting free hand, not chilling first.  I just wanted to taste them as they were made with Buckwheat.  I was surprised – delicious, really.  The Rhubarb/Ginger Jam was particularly nice on these.  The free hand bit was o.k. but not the visual I wanted.  Note to self: always freeze them raw then bake.


I like the color.  They trick you into thinking they’re gingerbread.

Well, I ran out of Buckwheat after a bit so I ended up making the rest with Oat flour instead….hence the beige ones.  These are going in the freezer raw.  After they freeze solid I will bag them in zip locks and then bake frozen the morning of the party.


The Recipe….from Gluten Free Girl Cookbook and my own changes however minor

Makes 18 – 2″ Rounds

230 grams Buckwheat, Oat or other whole grain GF Flour

280 grams All Purpose GF*

1/2 C. Dark Brown Sugar

4 tsp. Baking Powder

1 tsp. Baking Soda

2-1/4 tsp. Salt

2 Sticks Unsalted Butter, cut in chunks

1 C. Buttermilk

2 Eggs

2 tsp. Vanilla

Weight everything out, up to the butter and put in Food Processor as you go.  When done with the dry give it a few pulses to mix.

Add the chopped butter and blend to pea size stuff.  Place in a large bowl, make a well in the center.

Mix buttermilk, eggs & vanilla together with a whisk in a separate small bowl.  Gently pour most of it into the well and blend without too many strokes with a large spoon.

Carefully pull out onto flour dusted board and using extra flour form into a round gently patting down.

Cut out rounds, place on parchment lined sheet, baste with remaining milk mixture and dust with more sugar.

Cover with plastic & freeze.  Bag when completely frozen.

Bake however many you want (from frozen state) on parchment lined sheet at preheated 375 for perhaps 1/2 hour or longer.

*My all purpose mix is from the GF book.

400 Grams of Millet (could be Sorgum)

300 Grams White Rice (could be tapioca flour)

300 Grams Potato Starch


That’s it.

While the industrial dishwasher was on for all these things I made some more of that Blueberry/Rhubarb Jam yesterday.  Paul and I are winding through it.  I suspect I may need to make yet another batch this summer.  Honestly, I have never tasted fresher.  Just delicious.

A thing I have noticed….I don’t seem to be creating as many new things as I used to.  I thought my creative juices had run out.  But, I noticed all the blogs I have been following – all two,  are running out of ideas also.  In fact, the weaving blog I follow is now posting flowers from her garden and her grandson.  Food & Wine and Bon Appetit both just posted on the Editors Page, one….the importance of buttering toast and how to toast properly.  REALLY? and the other put his wife’s shallot vinaigrette recipe on his page.  Gee.  Must not be just me.  The toast one killed me.  Heidi Swanson is now selling stuff to cook with most of the time, not very many recipes.  I’m thinking we may be fazing out into boredom and therefor time to move on to a new food trend.  Well, what is it?  It’s gotten so wacky; a huge stray from nutrition perhaps we’ll just swing back that way or maybe it’s time for these younger kids to develop themselves and come up with cool food.  But aren’t they the ones described as “Daddys Children” (I read this in the paper) children who are given too much, have everything daddy always wanted by 16 and therefor have become lethargic and not challenged to work, go to school, etc. never mind be creative.  I don’t know but I am curious.  While in California I had an eagle eye out for the new trend but all I saw that was edible and impressive to me was the homemade cake!  Shows you where I’m at.


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