Sunday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day here in Maine.  A rarity this past week.  We had a High School Graduation party to go a few towns away and after driving all over the place, because we were too early, we discovered….wrong day!  We happened to bump into the host of the party coming out of a convenience store with a bag of lunch and soda.  WHAT? It was one of those delayed brain things – like what are you doing here? He said to us, what are you doing in my neck of the woods.  Of course I thought he was joking…no joke, wrong day, wrong week.  Cripes.  It was 2:00 in the afternoon, I was getting psyched for barbecue, hot dogs, anything I didn’t have to make, starving.  Well, after a bit we fessed up to our mistake and he told us where to get lunch locally.  A place called Poppers in NewMarket, NH.  My friend Lenore lives there and has been telling me we should eat there but it sounded like fried tiny shrimp type of stuff…not for me.  Wrong.


Really delicious food.  The food is all locally sourced, which seems to be the thing now, and the meats and cheeses are made by the owners of the restaurant.  They have a pig farm.  Duck pastrami, cured this and that and delicious oddities like duck fat fried almonds; pickled summer squash.  Very delicious.  My salad which is in the front had Magtag Blue Cheese which is my favorite blue, from Wisconsin, seems to be trendy these days as I’m seeing it more and more.  The beets were lovely and fresh, crunchy yet slightly cooked.  Stuffed, we were so stuffed.  Paul tried to lay down on the banquette he was sitting on (he had had a beer) I had to be the manners police.  We took half of the food home.

The next day, which was yesterday, he had a salad for lunch, we have masses of lettuce in our garden now, with the leftovers and some red quinoa that I fried up as a garnish.  I saw this recipe in Food and Wine I believe.  Tiresome.  You cook the quinoa first, dry it and then fry it.  A bit greasy for me even though I blotted it many times.  You get a nice little crunch from it but easier to throw nuts or something else on top.  Millet perhaps.

Last night I made some comfort food.  Pouring rain again…..freezing, give me some warmth.


So fast and easy. 400 degrees. Buttered casserole dish, four yellow potatoes thinly sliced in the kitchen aid, one vadalia on top of that, one sweet potato and another yellow potato.  splash of 1/ & 1/2, salt & pepper and a dusting of cheddar.  Bake 45 min. to an hour.  What a great smell from the onion – so sweet.

When this was done I pan sauteed up some chicken thighs.


Olive oil in a hot cast iron skillet, lightly dust the thighs with bread crumbs, hot sautee till lightly browned, add capers, lemons and a bit of chicken stock, cook for a minute or so then pop in that hot oven for perhaps 10 minutes or until done.  The whole thing creates an amazing sauce while baking. 

That and of course a salad, fini.  Nice meal to watch a cowboy movie with.  We’re currently into Westerns these days.  So goofy.  When Jesse was here a few week-ends ago we watch Jango unchained together – pretty violent but also comical from the unreality of it all – same with what we watched last night, Quigley Down Under.

I redeemed my self though….I’m reading Mrs. Dalloway before bed and in the a.m. when I am oh so much sharper.  Great book, lovely sentences, very well thought out.  How refreshing as I just read and read and don’t even realize that I’ve gone down a path of not reading anything really well written I’m just reading.  This is nice…a bit of a correction.

Today…pouring rain.  I’d like to wind a warp I’ve been futzing with.  I need to just tackle it.  The colors are to me yucky but it’s a gift so i just need to do it.  I may make some more of that amazing blueberry jam that I showed a few weeks ago.  It is so fabulous we’ve been eating it all and I’ve given some away.  I need it for that scone party I’m catering on July 6th. 3-400 people…..yiiikes.  Yesterday I made 120 of those baby scones, all Almond, for the freezer.  Gotta go, youngest son is at the door.


Sunday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day here


One thought on “Sunday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day here

  1. Kathy B says:

    Good luck with the scones! I know you will have enough.


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