Book, Movie and a 5 year old

I just finished Isabel Allende’s newest book….Maya’s Notebook.  Geech this was great.  I hated to put it down.  She is just so darn clever and as it says on the back cover “witty” – so well done.  It’s close to my heart as it starts in crazy Berkeley with a young woman who “could have been me”, a scary thought, and ends in Chile which is my newest country on my radar to go to – last week it was Iceland which is still kind of there but the old man is dragging on this one.  It may be one of those Patti & Carla deals although she’s not too into remote.  We’ll see.


We saw a great movie the other night on Netflix.  Actually one of the only ones (other than boat stories) that Paul sat through the whole thing.  It’s called The Hours and is about Virginia Wolfe writing Mrs. Dalloway with another scene enacted as the same in say the early 60’s and then another current.  Really interesting.  At first it’s hard to follow but once you get the gist it’s facinating!  Virginia is played by Nicole Kidman (you would never in a million years know it’s her) and the current character is Merle Steep, typical Streep, kind of tiresome with her sighing but she’s only one of three main people.  I forget the mid 60’s womans name but….great!

And then, I had downloaded all these pictures of California and I believe they were lost in la la land as my phone (after being downloaded by the FBI, no doubt) just came through with the photos today.  Isn’t that weird?  I transferred them to g-mail at least two weeks ago, evaporated and then this morning they popped up.  Hummmmm……I hate my new phone.  It’s Verizon, Gallaxy III. 

Anyhow – here’s my 5 year old Colbie sitting on my lap after a very long day at school.  She was telling me just how tired she is.  My heart was breaking for her; being so pooped at 5 is not fair.


I had taken her up to the top of the mountain, the fault above Berkeley.  It’s the most beautiful place overlooking San Fransisco but besides that it’s just amazingly fresh, pretty, green grasses, flowers, huge pine trees and no people or sounds other than birds.  I love it.  I took Paco the dog and Zoe the three year old with me every day for hours.  We loved it.  The fields are full of tiny, tiny wildflowers which totally mezmerized little Zoe and of course Paco, being a gigantic dog something like a great dane that is the color of a chocolate lab; he loves that place.  Running, running and more running.  Big, slimy pine cones to chase after.  Actually, huge pine cones.  He would bring them to me, slimed and want me to throw them.  Finally I caught on to going up this real steep hill and kicking them down for him to chase.  Nimble big boy, slipping and sliding down the hill retrieving the cone.  Probably bad for his hips.  Lovely place, a bit of heaven.  But, Colbie was too tired to enjoy so we left and within seconds she fell asleep in the car seat so I drove all over the place exploring so she could nap.  That works, I found some really cool countryside on the back side of that ridge.  It’s amazing how different the terrain is out there…..crammed with homes and gardens and then beautiful open scenery with animals, fields of tall grass and just largeness and warm!  No fog on that side of the mountain.  Cool place.


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