Postscript Error….

For some reason my computer goes into these fuzzes as it just did with that short post you may have just read.  I was not finished with it but that little spinning colorful ball was tying me up so I gave up.  Back again……

Last Friday, while it was 100 degrees (of course), I catered a 40 person picnic dinner cruise on the Gundalow – that boat Paul was in charge of building for Portsmouth.  What a job – many, many different salads with lots of “special needs”.  Six people with all different stuff going on.  My friend Anne came over and helped me pack and sort it all out and then deliver, thank god for Anne!


There is one salad in there which is showing down here in the corner that I have not had before – it’s a shaved fennel/zucchini and arugula salad with tamari almonds.  Looks good….I might have to try that!

It was very funny; after we dropped it off Anne went home to do a birthday party and I decided to stay in town and wait for the boat with my stuff to come back as it was only another 1-1/2 hour so the plan was to meet Paul at this restaurant right there on the water.  I looked around for him, didn’t see the truck so sat down at the bar and ordered an ice water and a glass of wine.  Just in passing I mentioned we had a reservation and that I would be waiting for him….the hostess heard this while she was chatting with someone else and came over to tell me Paul was doing the same upstairs.  We are such dopes; we both could have sat there for the entire time waiting for each other, separately.  And, he never carries his cell phone so the probability was high we’d not connect.  I tell you, it was so hot, I was content at the bar.  He was upstairs sitting (lounging actually) in front of the air conditioner.  We had a blast – so comfortable and done with work.  Great time out, spent my entire profit on the job….ah well.

A few days ago I dropped Paul off to move MICKEY FINN, our sailboat we believe we have sold, down the coast a few towns for a haul out.  Yet another sand and paint project.  Poor guy, he’s done three of those in a row….tis the season!

ImageThe Finn is out behind the tuna tower boat but I just thought the waterfront was so pretty at 5 a.m.  He encountered heavy, cold rain on this 2 hour trip.  Yet another “I am so glad I said no thanks, I’m busy this morning” trip.

My nice clean pool has become an extension of the darn boatyard again.


Luna and I encountered the seasonal move the other morning.  We walk between two bodies of water and these guys go back and forth laying their eggs every year.  Gnarly looking, no?


Yesterday the idea of CAKE crept up on me.  Actually it didn’t creep it hit me full in the eyes that it was time for cake…..Paul decided a Mocha Rum was the answer.  I was leaning more towards a nice, soft chocolate cake with a gooey ganache but since he’s the one who will eat the majority of it (I hope) I gave him the choice. 


Good Call.  We had sudden dinner company last night – this fit the bill!

You want this recipe – it’s easy and tasty as hell.

Mocha Rum Cake

Preheat the oven to 300, butter a bundt pan and dust heavily with cocoa powder

3 C. flour

1-1/2 tsp. baking soda

3/4 tsp. salt

3/4 pound chocolate (2 cups) – I have pistoles you need a good covature choc. 65% or higher

3 sticks melted unsalted butter

1/3 C. dark rum

2 C. strong coffee – really strong

2 C. sugar

3 eggs

1-1/2 tsp. vanilla

Melt the butter in a glass bowl, add the chocolate and melt that, it usually takes one minute in the microwave, stir it, then another minute, stir and cool a bit.

In a separate small bowl sift the flour, baking soda & salt together.

Get out your mixer – put the blended chocolate and butter in, add rum, coffee and sugar.  Beat well, add the flour mixture slowly till blended well, add the eggs and vanilla last.  Pour in the pan, smoothing it out and bake for 1 hour and 50 minutes.  It’s a slow bake at 300 but perfect.  I write the end time on my white board in the kitchen then go about my other business.

For the coffee part – I take two cups of fairly strong coffee and add more dry coffee to it or use a condensed coffee thing I make in the summer.  Really strong is the key.  A few espresso’s in regular coffee will do it.

Let the cake cool at least an hour before you invert it on a plate then flip it again.  Dribble with melted chocolate, maybe.

That’s our excitement so far this week!  And, am I happy I had cake!


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