Just Where to Begin?

There has been just way too much going on in my life.  It’s crazy.  The top most in my brain the last few days is my almost four year old grand daughter, Zoe.


This little pumpkin pie got bit in the face last Sunday by a dog in a restaurant!  17 stitches, 3 slashes, and a cut near her eye and lip.  I’m waiting patiently (not) to skype with them tomorrow so I can stop the horrors of what I assume it looks like.  She’s fine, the parents are not.  She’s such a trooper.

The books I recommended a few weeks ago:




2 thoughts on “Just Where to Begin?

  1. oceananne@aol.com says:

    Can I borrow The Orchardist?? or is it a library book.

    How is Zoe? That happened to Adrienne when she was 3 and you can’t even see the stitches. It was on the upper lip. Terrible/ what da hell was a dog doing in Restaurant??


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