I am here!  Finally.  I’ve been in California helping to take care of our grand daughters while the parents worked and went to a wedding in Washington, D.C.  It’s been a wild time.  I love going out there – Berkeley is such a happening place…..crazy for me and absolutely a wonder every single day.  The flowers and foliage totally blow my mind; it’s explosive.  The little girls are explosive at this point also….almost 4 and almost 6 now.  Whew.  I am an old woman!  I wonder, just how did I take care of three kids of our own?  The girls had colds when I got there and having just gotten off one of those 6 hour flights I, of course, got a terribly rough cold.  Flying home with the plague was not a good idea.  I now know why babies cry on take off and landing.  It took two days for my hearing to come back.  It was funny, sort of, when I finally went to my doctor assuming I had pneumonia she said “gee, your not a frequent flyer, you must be dying”.  I never, ever go to a doctor and of course they gave me meds and of course I couldn’t take them (they made me sicker if possible) so here I am 3 weeks and on the mend finally.  I wish these things were visual so if you saw it coming you could duck.  It’s bad.

Here at home the rhubarb has grown, big time.  I made a rhubarb/anise upside down cake.  So familiar, so spring, one of our favorites.


The goats milk is flowing these days so I went up the mountain and bought quite a bit.  I’ve made Cherve, feta and a bomb….a Mexican caramel that curdled; tastes good but visually and texturally it’s not so….out it goes.

The dysfunctional explanation as the header?  Not only me but my new phone has not transferred the photos I wanted to show today but I felt I should check in and let those who care know I’ll have more to post when this technology gets functioning. 

I’ve read some great books….The Orchardist, Claire & Mr. Tiffany and now Maya’s Notebook by Isabelle Allende.  Oh, I read The Alchemist and Eat Cake also.  But, the first two on my list are total must reads, wonderful books.

More later tater.


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