Crazy Opposites

Well, I might as well talk about what we had for dinner last night as it really was about as bad as I can get, food wise.  Wicked delicious though.  First, a bit of history.  When I go out to California to see my kidlets (grand children) just down the street is not only a yarn store but Bake Sale Betty’s.  BSB is a corner cafe, I believe on Telegraph in Oakland.  It’s a tiny place, no seating but what made me check it out was that there were ironing boards on the sidewalk, in a long row the width of the front with stools.  You sit at the ironing boards and eat your lunch!  I thought it was the coolest thing.  At the end of the day they fold up and lay against the building standing up so it looks like a brightly painted fence as each one has a wacky cover.  The stools have been cut down so your not actually perched that high when your sitting.  The owners serve just a fried chicken sandwich (or at least that was all last time I was there).  I got it once but wholly mackerel, gigantic, enough to feed four.  Very yummy.  They sell pies, cookies and coffee too but everything is so big.  Pie of the day is the theme…..all apple or whatever.  Line out the door, no kidding.

This month Bon Appetit profiled the chicken sandwich on the cover – I recognized it immediately.  Of course someone else put their name on it but there is a reference to Bake Sale Betty as the originator.  I made it last night.  What was I thinking??? it was so darn delicious, have to admit.


Easy recipe….

Spicy Mayo which your supposed to keep separate but I didn’t follow the directions and mixed it into the slaw part…it all works!  I adapted this recipe to suit our taste.

2 garlic cloves, smashed & chopped

1/2 C. Mayo – I used southern Dukes, amazing stuff

1 Tbs. hot sauceBlend this together and let sit while you shred the rest.

1 small red onion

1 hot pepper of any sort – make it small

4 C. or so shredded red & green cabbage

1/2-1 C. chopped pickles

1/4 C. or so pickle juice

Fried Chicken Part:

2 C. flour

1 TBs. black pepper (yes, it’s quite a bit)

1/2 tsp. salt

Place in bowl, stir with whisk to incorporate that pepper

In another dish:

1 C. buttermilk

I had 4 large chicken thighs to dredge in flour then buttermilk then back in flour again.

Fry at high heat.

Meanwhile pan crisp some rolls in butter.

Just so delicious.  Really hot, spicy and fresh, load on that slaw!

A few days ago I was on another health kick….crunchy fresh live food type of deal.


This one has everything in it.  It too was terrific.  We have been eating it for days and it remains great. 

Starts with a brown rice/barley/black rice package that I get at Trader Joe’s, you just zap it for 3 minutes, done, you end up with maybe 2 cups.

I let it cool then added:

3 carrots put through the slicer of my cheap food processor

1 bag of my frozen dinosaur kale from last years garden

1/2 small green cabbage, same slicing

steamed broccoli

2 bunches chopped scallions

two handfuls of pea pods put through the slicer

2 handfuls of roasted sunflower seeds

2 avocados chunked

Dressed with:

3/4 C. olive oil & 1/4 C. cider vinegar with salt & pepper

That’s it, just stuff from my fridge.  The avocado does nice stuff blending with the juices so you almost get a avocado dressing happening.  Creamy and green.

So, now I’m hibernating.  The technology factor around here is getting to be too much.  We broke down, after our washer broke down yet again (15 years though, pretty good I guess) and bought a new washer & dryer.  Geech.  Bells & whistles, dials, selections up the ying yang.  It’s too much.  And, I thought I was buying the least complicated.  I measured it at the store and it’s all pretty standard but then when we got it home….we had to take the walls down to fit it in the bathroom closet so we had a construction scene going on for a week.  Paul is not good with these things…..tends to leave his crap everywhere, sink full of plumbing tools, nails on the floor, door casings just half off with nails sticking out.  And, to complain……, no, no.  So, here we are, it’s working, does the job and I hope never to do that again.

And, to make matters worse.  I got rid of my Apple Phone because it’s so small I can’t see print without scrolling and the pictures are not as good as my old Samsung – what the heck?  I’ll just get another Samsung – geech, again.  I’m sitting here with this thing that is so complicated it overwhelms me.  I can do about 10 minutes at a time then my restlessness sets in and I walk away.  I need a smart teenager to call on!  I’m telling you – what a great job for a high school tecky kid.  I could keep someone employed with just the stuff we’ve got going on. 

But, to save a shred of my intelligence….the other day our newspaper The World Herald Tribune published an article on “How to Say Adieu to Online Networks”….yea, just in time.  For some reason Paul was hooked into LinkedIn and it went viral to everyone he has ever known in his life!  He has gotten zillions of responses and with his crowd most of them don’t belong to it as he didn’t know he did.  Make a long story short….I can now get him out, fairly easy.  So, I’m feeling like sort of a smarty pants for this one second of my day.

It’s a complicated world outside my door.




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