Florida Adventure

Hot, hot hot!  I am so glad to be home!  While down south it was 90 degrees for the whole week.  I thought I’d die.  Everyone was just barely walking.  Most people stayed in their boats with the AC on, which I don’t have and wish I did.  But, I could never stay in a little, tiny, boxed up area with a wind machine happening…..give me MAINE, any day.

But, I did drive around quite a bit (in a box with a wind machine) but at least the view changed.  I was reading the book “A Land Remembered”, a history of the “settling” of Florida; is it settled?  I saw some crazy stuff while roaming around in the countryside – seems like I was in the Ozarks/Arkansas or something like that.  I met my brother over in Acadia for lunch 2.5 hr. drive straight down a long, long road all the way across the state.  Lots of cows, citrus, prisons.  All the pedophiles are kept at this particular prison that I passed.  Wow.  Lots. Creepy.  The guys were working clearing brush as I passed….ew, ew, ew, no eye contact.

I’ll just put up the pictures of things that interested me.



This wine was horrible.  The first one I sipped was made from Mango’s, omg too sweet.  Waaaay out in the boonies on a dirt track.


I didn’t qualify.

spanish oak 1

spanish oak 2

Sandfly lane in Vero Beach.

florida building

boat sunset

The building is just a beautiful, abandoned building on Citrus Ave in Ft. Pierce.  Such a nice piece of work all crumbling down which was once a hub of activity…I can hear the kids running and screaming all over the place.  I hate to see these places left for dust.  Paul told me to put an offer in when I sent him this picture but the town is just falling down all over the place and as above; it’s too hot.  And, that last picture is my sunset every night from the stern of my boat.  Just lovely.  Not as many birds this time, not sure where they all went to.

Before I went south I had a nice chat with my grand daughters and read a story to them on Skype.  They live in California.  This grandmother reads to them online which is really tough cause I can’t squeeze and hug them although when we are done we always kiss the screen and say ni night.  This last time it got all dark and I panicked wondering if Colbie had shut it off but she said “no Nanni, I’m hugging you” she was hugging the screen.  Happy/Sad/Happy/Sad.  What is it?  These next pictures are the girls listening to the story I’m reading (I photographed the computer as we were talking)……two different reactions, both perfect.

colbie skype

zoe skype nap

I believe I put Zoe to sleep!


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