Cry Baby Cookies!

So funny…..Yesterday I was walking along with my friend Mary, telling her about some California cookies I made the other day.  California in that they have lots of fruits and nuts (I suppose).  I made them because I was having a rough day having gone through some old paperwork of my mother’s and was very sad.  Cookies, just the ticket to pull yourself out of the blues.  Well, Mary has an old cookbook of her fathers from the Navy (where he dad was a cook) and in it are “Crybaby Cookies”, pretty similar.  New name now…..


These cookies are just my chocolate chip cookies with the addition of 2 Cups of chopped walnuts, 1 cup of cranberries, 1 cup of coconut, 1 cup of oats.  Paul’s favorite.

I finished the “wonky quilt” for the girls the other day.  It’s so off kilter, cute kids blanket.  First front shot for when they are feeling wild and then a calmer back.  I stitched “in the ditch” of the back to get it bound together as I wasn’t about to tackle the front with all those crazy ass lines going every which way.



Years and years ago occasionally I would get home from school to find my wicked sluggish brother plunked down in front of the huge box of a tv we had, small screen so he had to be waaay up close.  Anyhow, he would watch ANYTHING, not that there were many choices back then.  One day I came in and saw Queen for a Day….all I remember is this rather large woman sitting on a throne of some sort crying and blubbering over the excitement of having won a washing machine or something.  I clearly remember thinking about how pathetic that is……excited about a household appliance??  What was she thinking?  Now, if it was a years supply of candy or something cool like that, I would get excited.  I took off and went out to play it was too sad for me and I just didn’t understand. 

Pathetic me…..I got something new the other day.


And, now I’m the one stupid happy.  Who would ever think?  Had I known I was going to grow up (is that what this is?) and think this was cool I would have fallen out of that tall tree I used to climb every day.  How sad, this makes me happy.  My kids would say “get a life” as I did to my brother.  To it’s credit….works like magic, sorry I’ve waited twenty years to get a new one!

I’m in a spring beige mode.  I found some lovely Danish cottolin from my stash, half linen, half cotton and so wound a warp and started threading for a 9.5 inch table linen to go in the apartment.  We have a lovely long wooden table Paul built that is just beautiful and would look terrific with a nice thin linen cloth and maybe some tiny vases with short stems of spring flowers.


We use our barn apartment as a short term rental… very cool site.  There are so many awesome places to stay, all unique and off the grid which is what I love….actually much cleaner than a hotel room.  My favorites are the tree houses.  Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Cry Baby Cookies!

  1. SEY says:

    Thanks for airbnb,com. And the cookies, got some coconut, must try it! The colors of the quilt against the spring snow – wow! Lucky kids!


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