Winter Dinner

With only two of us in the house now and my problem with scaling back our meals to two and not 20…..we have a lot of leftovers.  What to do?  Everything kind of morphs it’s way back and forth until finally it’s all gone.  Consequently we eat a lot of “mystery food”.  Where did that come from?  What is that and when did we eat that? 

Last night was the end of many meals and it was by far the tastiest!


I cut up a Buffalo roast and slow cooked it most of the day on low in the crock pot.  At some point I added half a jar of salsa…..I know, I saw it on the counter when I came home after Paul’s served himself lunch so rather than put it back in the fridge I added it to the meat which had been stewing in beef stock.  I figured the tomatoes would tenderize the meat.  Late in the day I added a huge amount of sauteed mushroom in thyme, lots of garlic, s&p.  Then I added a few cups of red wine.  It all blended well and smelled awesome.

I already had spicy tomato noodles cooked in the fridge with leftover roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes from previous meals in it (and truth be told a few flakes of sauteed haddock).  Well, all together…..this is what you get.  It was so yummy, very flavorful.  The kick from the noodles was interesting.  I get these from the Christmas Tree Shop of all places, who would know?  $2.49, cheap, two meals at least from a pound.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time this past week working on a quilt for those little girly q’s of ours.  This is it as is but today I’m going to join the back, which is also quilted with yet another pattern, bind and try and finish it up.  I have some serious weaving to get to!!!


My big score was yesterday afternoon.  I stopped at a used store on the way home looking for something else when this leather bag caught my eye.  It was a wreck but I’ve cleaned it and it’s now my new purse……$8.00


I know it doesn’t look like much but in real life, it’s awesome.  Perfect size for all the crap I carry around with me and real leather, not fake stuff.  It has all sorts of leather lined zippered enclosures and other than the front face with the smudge that won’t come off (I think the original owner lived in some scary place and had his/her hand on the clasp at all times) think of it, there is a super story in that bag I’m sure. 



It has a leather label inside which says “Made in Italy for Brooks Brothers” – everything is leather except for the industrial perfectly working zippers.  I can’t tell you although I think Laura, Sydney and my friend Patti can, how much time I have spent lately looking for the perfect purse.  I was up in the $390. region and still couldn’t find it.  This is it!  I may hand sew a ring on each side, on the inside and attach a strap which will live in the bag when I’m not using it.  Paul has some awesome leather the same weight that will work perfectly.  He uses it for rowing grips for oars.

I’m off.


3 thoughts on “Winter Dinner

  1. says:

    WOW!! The quilt looks fabulous.


  2. says:

    Love the purse too. I have 2 from Italy that I got a yard sale for 5 each. amazing.


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