Yummy Snack for Gluten Free Folks.

These are kind of amazing.  Normally I don’t do much gluten free but I happen to have allot of quinoa in the house from making various salads for customers.  What to do with all that quinoa?  Grind it up and make flour from it then use it as you would flour. 

I’m also obsessed with Almond Butter from Masa Organics.  I put it in my granola, snack bars and anything else….toast for breakfast.  Delicious and to me nothing like peanut butter (although I do like that but just not as much). 

Almond butter Quinoa Blondies

1/2 C. unsalted butter, melted (one stick)

1-1/2 C. almond butter

4 eggs

1 C. light brown sugar

2 tsp. vanilla

1-1/2 C. quinoa flour (grind quinoa in coffee grinder till flour consistency)

2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

1 C. semi sweet chocolate chips (I use Ghiraardelli double chocolate bittersweet chips)

Preheat oven to 350.  Grease an 8X11″ pan then paper the bottom.

Grind Quinoa till you have 1.5 Cups of flour

Melt the butter….place in a mixer with almond butter and eggs, beat till smooth.  Add the sugar, blend again, then add the vanilla.

Slowly pour in the flour which is mixed with the baking powder & salt.  Add the chips last. Spread out in pan and bake 30 minutes or so.

Let cool for about an hour although it’s incredible warm, just may be crumbly.

Next time I think I’ll eliminate the chocolate (I know, horrors of horrors but the fat of butter and chocolate combo give me an instant head ache).  But, I love raisins, cranberries, etc. so I’ll just put dried fruit in or try one of those cosmic alternatives…

This recipe came from Eating Well, April 2013 Pg. 74.  I have altered it which is why I’m printing it here.

This past winter has been a whirlwind for us up here in the North Country.  We’ve been futzing with customer angst and trying to move our boat from one place to the next out of necessity.  I know, Darn, but it’s in Ft. Pierce, Florida now which is kind of nice.  A happy home in the cheapest Marina we could find but…the nicest view, safe harbor, etc.  I have a picture on my phone and will download that so you can see why we have parked it there.  Paul has this dream of cruising the Bahamas this summer…hot, hot, hot.  Our boat is next to the Inlet that take you out for that cruise.

Weaving has been a mainstay for me this winter.  I just finished 7 dishtowels all in twill with a cotton/linen warp and cotton weft. 



Recently I inquired about renting space for another Cafe.  Whew, that was close.  The rent was too high.  No wonder people can’t make a go of these things.  They wanted $30k a year, $2600. month plus utilities and everything else which believe me is a few thousand more.  What can you make that would bring in that kind of money to a 21 seat restaurant?  Zip.  This kind of explains all these guy chef restaurants with lots of Investors.  So many people get involved, pool their money, make it “hot” and charge big bucks.  Then they go on to sell their “specialty”; sauce, vinegar or whatever.  But for those of us that just want to bake and make good food – shit out of luck.  Oh well.  Carry on, do what I love also like weave, knit, visit our grandkids and visit our little boat.  A great life.  It was interesting trying to put my toe back in.  Talk about the world changing…geech.




3 thoughts on “Yummy Snack for Gluten Free Folks.

  1. Betsy says:

    These dishtowels are gorgeous!


  2. I made the blondies for my celiac husband and tried not to eat them all myself. These are amazing. TJ Maxx had quinoa flour so I didn’t have to grind my own. I’ve been talking about them in the salon all week, so now I have to shut up and bake, maybe these will be there when you come in next week.


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