Yesterday I was commiserating with Ruth on the phone that I had Salmon awaiting to be made into something for dinner.  Boring, I needed a new idea.  She came up with this.

Salmon Pizza with Wasabi Aioli.  I love pizza.


So, I got started on the crust and miraculously happened to have bread flour.  I have never made anything with bread flour so it was really different….heavier, harder to roll out, quite dense but it did make a nice, fat crust.  This next picture is raw, as it was going in the oven.


As to the ingredients…..very cool.

I made the crust.  Got the temp. of the oven up to 550 (a tad hot, could be a bit lower).  Put the pizza stone in while heating and then whipped it out, dusted it with bread crumbs and put the crust which was already rolled out on it, hot.

First up was brushing the crust with olive oil then putting lemon zest all over it to the edges, sliced bermuda onion, salmon, big fat capers, dried dill and some dill salt I had made this summer which was just loads of dill put in the kitchen Aid with sea salt.  I keep it jarred in the fridge.  That’s what some of those green blobs are.  Baked till done.  Not long, super hot oven.  When I pulled it out I let it cool a bit then piped wasabi aioli across the top.  I got this out of a jar from Jumping Jay’s but it’s easy to make just put some hot stuff in some oil and some mayo and anything else you want till it’s liquidy.  The one thing I forgot was the slivered cucumbers that were supposed to go on top of the aioli after the pizza was cooked.  It would have added a nice crunch and color.  Next time?  More salmon, more of everything I think and more lemon for sure.  I’m thinking, use lemon olive oil in the dough making instead of plain olive oil.  The flavors were so nice together, and not a bit fishy.  Thanks Ruth!

I did get a bit of weaving in yesterday on the dishtowels I’m making…..I am sorry the colors don’t come up as vibrant as they really are.  These darn iphone cameras, but then again, it’s probably me.


This morning:

ImageBeautiful out….crispy.  I’m off to the ocean to walk as it’s low tide soon.  Today is my youngest child’s birthday…29!  And, it’s exactly the same out as the day he was born.  At about this time, 29 years ago, his dad was trying to start the truck repeatedly (it was already running) but I think he was nervous.  Everyone was out in the driveway – his employees, laughing.  I was upstairs making beds (of course), Ruth was barely one year old and off with her Grandmother; Jesse at 8 was in school waiting to be the proud older brother.  We called the school (this was a very small town at the time) to let Jesse know he had a new boy to help with and they announced it on the PA system to the whole school.  Made his day!  So, that’s what I’ll be thinking of as I walk the beach this morning.  Nice thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Brilliant

  1. Lynn Cross says:

    Hi Carla,
    So glad you mentioned your blog when you stopped in to the Tapley office this morning – it’s great!!! Will look forward to spending more time here soon and while cooking is my real passion, I am intrigued by your weaving!!!
    Lynn Cross


  2. carlarollins says:

    I am intrigued by the weaving also. In fact, I have been doing so much lately and now have a few new dish towels to take off the loom.


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