The Wonder of It All

I believe I have said this before but….I’m still wondering about it all.  Paul got a phone call from a filming company in New York last night in regard to them wanting to do a reality show about our boat business, family style, small, etc. etc.  Now, I ask you, who would be interested?? These people produce Pawn Shop something and as we don’t have TVconnection we are clueless.  Perhaps that is why we appeal to them – hicks?  Paul has done a few other things in Media so I guess he’s “connected”.  They say this will be ongoing, filming all the time? with weekly episodes.  All I can say is WHAT?

Other than that it’s darn cold here and I’m still here.  I expected to be in a warmer place by now – ironically our customers are in that warm place and we’re “waiting for the checks”.  Funny how that works for small business people.

I’m trying to eat healthy again.  I really slipped with the past two holidays and all that fun stuff to eat.  We eat so many salads and greenery in the summer that by the time late fall rolls around we’re kind of done with it.  But, back at it again – never mind the beef stew/chili/steak/potatoes thing anymore.  It is funny how your body craves these caloric, heavy meals.  I’m fat enough what’s with the packing more on; I’m thinking I don’t need it to survive.

Nice salad – probably a bit too much olive oil but what the heck.

winter veges.

I’ve continued walking although it’s been quite bleak out there.  Once I put the layers on it is just beautiful.  Like my friend Marji I am truly starting to enjoy and embrace the season.  I could be lying but I’m trying anyway.

Here’s the river I cross every morning…..I’ve photographed this before and am amazed that a landscape can change so often and endure the radical changes.

bleak forecast

river crossing

As a special treat, after the afternoon sun has warmed up my studio I weave just about every day.  Sometimes it’s for 5 minutes and others perhaps an hour or so.  Yesterday, this was my view and so close to where I sit I could actually feel it.  yiikes.

window frost

I’m still plodding along with the accounting.  It’s pathetic but one good thing is the less you make the less taxes we pay.  Incredible that this could be something to be excited about.  And, currently I’m reading about Catherine the Great – wow, talk about excess!  And, what about Depardieu moving to Russia for the 13% interest?  What a place!

I think I need something, food wise, to get interested in experimenting with.  I love the idea of that Julia & Julia book/movie….something new every day and have actually thought of that with my weaving…..but, food really excites me.  It would be nice if I could channel that energy into something non food though.  Ah, the winter blues……let’s have a great day!


2 thoughts on “The Wonder of It All

  1. Carol Lakefield Gildea says:

    Awesome story and pictures!! Happy New Year Carla and to your family! Pawn Stars wow awesome! We love that show. Guess you never heard of Honey Boo Boo?? No we don’t watch them!!! Have a great year!!!


  2. Hi Carla Margi’s mom here wanted to tell you I made the granola you tolld Marj about it is awesome. Also wanted to tell you I admire your weaving loved it when Rebecca did that and I also had a little loom one time so rewarding.. We have winter here also right now we are weeding some of our junk out and also cooking like you. Smiles from Michigan


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