Fig Cookies

I’ve been trying so hard to not bake since my little mini ginger bread men debacle.  I ate all of them.  No, just kidding but quite a bit.  I finally got rid of them though – I sent two boxes out, one to my sister in Korea and one to Ruth in New Jersey.  Thank goodness.  Dangerous food.

I saw this “trend” cookie recipe in I don’t know what – perhaps Food & Wine.  Fig Bars with Red Wine & Anise, sounded good.

fig cookies

Actually…..tasted good, a ton of work to make the insides, first purchasing – went to a ton of stores and ended up paying more at the Health Food Store.  You just chop up 10 oz.dried figs, add 3/4 C. red wine, 1/3 C. sugar some lemon zest and anise seeds, cook it down a bit, fini.

The dough was a sweet dough.  Impossible to roll the stuff up in and have it look like a fig newton.  I gave up fast.  There are certain things I’ll try to make exact, this wasn’t one of them.  These taste really good but I think I’ll buy them or just not eat them.  They took too long.  I know you can buy that fig stuff in glass jars in the baking section… that and put it in a thumbprint cookie and you’ve got it – a whole lot easier.

We went out driving around looking at Christmas lights last night.  We were looking for cheer but I don’t think our heads were in the right space cause the cheer didn’t really happen we just discussed how old we felt and bemoaned the fact that we have no kids at home or around anymore for this holiday.  It’s not so much fun, in fact, it’s not fun at all.  But, all is not lost, I booked us a beautiful room up in Rockport, on the ocean, for Christmas day and night.  We’re sure there is going to be a really nice, fun bar with lots of festivities and cheery things going on that night.  I’ve contacted some like minded friends nearby and hope they will be there.

We are sort of stuck here in Maine for a bit.  Paul’s customers are demanding projects get done so he’s been working 7 days a week for at least 2 months now.  Guess what?  They all just went away for the holidays and said ” see you next year and here’s some more work I want you to do”. How fast can you get this done?  What the heck?  What do we look like, chopped meat?  Holidays, bah humbug.


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