Oat Cakes

Just to let you know…..those Oat Cakes need to be warmed before you eat them otherwise they are ROCKS.  But, once warmed a bit, nice and crumbly.  I have been having one as my breakfast these days; keeps you full for quite a while.

I’ve been knitting like crazy as Paul has been finding all sorts of movies on that darn NetFlix at night.  He comes in from work around 4:30 now and is usually starving so he eats my leftover half sandwich from lunch which I usually have around 2:00.  He eats some snacks, beer, then says when is dinner…..it’s 5:00 by this point.  So, I make dinner and if we don’t watch a movie he’s gone and asleep sometimes before 7 p.m.   He has such a high metabolism (yes, I do hate him for that, mine is at a dead stop).  The cold really saps his energy.  The barn he’s working in is semi heated but he’s so intense in his work I think he probably holds his breath all day in concentration so when he stops…..he stops!  But, anyhow, dinner has been pretty early with a movie afterwards.  The funny thing is when the movie is over, we’re tired, head up to bed and find out instead of it being the middle of the night or late or whatever…it’s 7:30.  Again, pathetic.

The movie last night was the new Treasure Island.  Kind of fun, in two parts so maybe it’s a tv thing – not sure.  As Paul has read the book about nine zillion times he was narrating it the whole time which is something he and our daughter Ruth do with the old favorites (TRUE GRIT) so tiresome.  He should have watched this with her then they could dispute the various dialog situations.  But this movie brought me such a favorite memory that I had forgotten about.

The Black Spot!  When Jesse was little we read him a really old hard cover Treasure Island book that was probably Paul’s and maybe someone before him….great, beautiful book.  Every night we would read him a few pages, he loved it and hung on every single word – hated going to bed, wanted more.  Well, when we got to the Black Spot part he was terrified.  So, we made our own black spot together on a piece of paper so he could see that was all it was, just a drawing.  Then we got him his own Treasure Island Map with the X.  Oh my god, he carried that map and spot for what I thought was years.  He dreamed about finding that Island all the time.  Kind of like when I played CandyLand with my siblings I thought I could taste the candy.  One of Jesse’s jobs in his teens before he went to college was as crew on a large sailboat (I think he was still hopeful of Treasure Island being out there).  It’s amazing the impact of a wonderful book.  Anyway, back to the movie – it’s good, kind of boring for me, hard to hear as they all have British accents and speak fast (aka I listened to alot of Led Zeppelin when I was younger, actually still do)  but you know who was glued to the TV.

I get a lot of knitting done…..some scarfs which double as a head wrap and last night one whole mitten.  We need another good movie suggestion so I can make the match to the mitten.  Any ideas?


These scarfs/hats are cool to knit as you weigh the yarn,  just start with four stitches, add a stitch every 4th row until you get halfway to the weight then decrease a stitch every 4th row until you have 4 stitches.  On the blue one, a nice Amy Butler cotton/wool I used two 50 gram balls so no weighing just knit till I ran out and then started another ball and decreased till I ran out.  The best part of these is if you wear it as a head scarf the pointed part covers the crown of your head and then wraps around a few times so it’s warm.  As a neck scarf it also wraps a few times and looks cabled.  It’s 66″ end to end – great movie watching activity.  The original pattern says to knit the whole way but I prefer to knit and purl.  I think it makes a more polished piece.

Have a lovely day, yet another gray one here (gee, what a surprise).


One thought on “Oat Cakes

  1. Betsy says:

    Have you seen the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? It’s a great movie.


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