Fat Season

Oh boy, life’s little challenges.  I can’t experiment with food; I’ve gained too much weight resting my back.  It seems if I pour myself into cooking I keep my weight down but hurt my back and lose it on the hip joints.  So what to do?  I am frustrated and as a friend notes, hoping to reinvent myself.

As my knitting time is in the evening we’ve been watching crazy movies lately, every night.  My favorite so far (other than) The Palace which is a TV show with only 8 episodes….I think I tried to watch all 8 in one night it was so addicting.  Not long ago I got hooked on that Glen Close one about the Lawyer.  This Palace one is believable and funny and there is a character that is so remarkably like one of my sister in-laws.  Paul and I delight in watching her antics so we don’t feel alone in the world of crazy family women.

But the movie that has been truly “out there” and how did I not know about this one?  The Goddess of 1967 with a believable blind Rose Byrne.  It was made in 2000, an independent movie which takes place in Australia.  You can find it on Netflix under Quirky Road Trip Movies.  It is funny, disturbing but with the most phenomenal acting, colors, filming, visuals, etc.  It’s an art film to say the least.  Paul was o.k. to go up to bed and read, I was glued to it.  Really a visual movie – not everyone’s cup of tea but if your adventuresome in the movie intake area check it out.

In my weaving world I have many warps happening.  One is pink & mauve chenille that I’m weaving for two of Ruth’s friends who have had and are having baby girls.  The colors are not bright, light colors but I’m hoping since chenille changes so much once it’s “washed & fulled” it will blend and be beautiful.  It’s a snappy thing to weave so perhaps I’ll be done this week-end barring other distractions.  The other warp I have going is wound, just not on the loom yet – it’s a deep, dark blue half cotton/half linen.  These will be dish towels about 30″ long and 18″ wide in a twill with a very colorful basket weave trim about 4″ from the bottom.  I have lots of really cool variegated yarns to experiment with.  It would be nice to get those done before Christmas but I doubt it.  I’m sure there will be something else to sew and then hopefully I’ll get my cooking mojo back.

I hate thinking I’m fat.


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