Oh I have so many things to show off but I can’t.  Christmas presents.  I have been working on a cool project for my daughter in law but just in case she see’s my blog….can’t show it.  Darn!  I did get some photos from her and a phone video of the girly-q’s opening up Day 1 of December gift bags.  So cute.  Very excited.  The presents that day were these little Mermaids (with lots of hair) and a tiny comb, one pink, one blue.  Zoe kept saying “I Pink” and then started to say purple but readjusted to Pink, I Pink.  Very sweet.  Miss Colbie wanted the blue one because it matches her fairy wings that she wears.  I would like to be 3 or 4 again…..simplicity and happiness is what it’s all about.

What I can show you is a cake I made for Paul’s best of friends, David.

birthday cake

This is a vanilla cake with Buttercream frosting.  I had some Lemon Verbena jelly from this summer so I used the last of that to lay down some moisture in between the two cakes.  I thought the cake came out huge and was a bit embarrassed but you know what…..12 people, most over 60, we ate it all!  There is nothing like a large slice of BIG FAT CAKE.

I am glad I fortified myself with cake.  The party was up in Wiscassett, Maine – near Bath, about 2 hours from my home on 95.  Of course we had a first of the season snow storm which only got worse as we drove up.  Driving up was easy for me as I buried my head in my knitting but I had to drive home….white knuckle, shoulders to the ears type of driving.  Horrible.  But, I was fortified with sugar and kept my eyes peeled for danger.  Those dam salt trucks were the real danger on the road.  We’re all traveling about 45; our highway is kind of “hilly” here and there so you come over a rise and there are two trucks, staggered with us having to run the gauntlet and go between.  Great, but the lights were blinding…..arrows, dots, you name it, all the signage in the world on those trucks and then of course it’s four lanes squishing to one.  Frightening.  Time to go south; winter freaks me out.

Yesterday I joined the fray out there to get a few things from The Christmas Tree Store; wrapping paper, etc.  I love the crap in that store – it’s so much fun to see all that junk and not bring it home with me.  Interesting stuff.  But, what I did get, on a whim but it looked good. $2.39 and not expired.

herb pasta

I have to say this caught my eye because the packaging was so nice… a land of kind of tacky stuff this stood out.  Then when I read the ingredients…..

herb pasta 2

This is all good stuff.  It was, absolutely delicious.  All I did was dress it with lemon olive oil.  Yup.  Yummy.  Really yummy.  I’ve made this from scratch before (of course minus the neddles, cornflower blossoms, etc.) but it was kind of bitter, herby, this was just right; a bit of a green taste but not overpowering.  I think I ‘ll have to swing back in today and get more for my shelves.  I had never seen it there before and it may not arrive again.  Cool find.

We’re having the typical Maine early mornings going on…..bleak.

foggy morning

This was actually yesterday which turned out to be a perfect blue sky day and on the warm side….48 or so.  Today, not looking so good.  My sister, who lives in Korea, says they are ramping up into winter over there also and brutal it is.  It used to be so much fun when I was younger, building ice caves, sledding….what happened?  I guess I just have to motivate myself and get an outdoor project happening this winter although we are slated to be getting out of here sometime around Christmas, hopefully, that day we’ll be driving South.  I hate the drive all the way to South Florida but just love looking in the rear view mirror and seeing all that darkness left behind.  It’s so much fun watching the terrain change along the way.  It’s very subtle yet each morning I wake up, step out and think “hey, it’s greener”.  Beautiful.


One thought on “Presents

  1. yogini says:

    That cake is gorgeous!


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