Birthday Cakes

Well, my goodness it certainly took me all day to make those darn cakes….I was watching myself AGE just getting them done.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely not.  First off…really time consuming.  The flavor was “greasy” in my opinion.  The white chocolate and egg yolks for the center “goo”,  just that, goo.  The ganache was fine and the white chocolate squiggle was fine.  I couldn’t pipe the interior in I had to cut a plug, pipe it in and then shorten the plug to lay the cap on flat.  Lot of work!  Tiresome.  And then, I didn’t like them; much too sweet.  The Chocolate & chocolate and egg yolks and all just made it inedible.  My husband loves them – oh, top it off the cake has coffee in it.  Geech.

cupcake holes


I think this may have been my messiest job yet.  Perhaps my heart wasn’t in it although I thought it was.  If I were to do it again – go with a decent box cake mix, pipe in one of those canned frostings, cover with a good ganache and buy one of those frosting pens for the squiggle.  Or just hope to hell Hostess comes back!

Last night there was some nice organic green cabbage lurking in the fridge…..thin sliced it, sautéed with a really crisp Macoun Apple.

cabbage saute

Really nice.  We had it with pasta & parmesan and sautéed first then baked chicken thighs…..crunching on celery while drinking wine while cooking gave me the full basic food groups.

My friend Heather got me hooked on watching The Palace, a TV show I get from Netflix – love it.  I lose Paul about 15 minutes into it but that’s o.k. cause then I get to watch many episodes (without criticism) a novel idea.

This morning while watering the house plants I decided to trim our tiny hydro kale plants….what do you do with just a little?  Put them in a saute pan, bunched together, lay down a slice of bread on top, turn over till the other side is browned and top with poached eggs.  Yummy.

poached on greens

It’s hard to see the greens in this shot but they get nice and crispy first.  I didn’t move them around at all, just put them together and when they started to brown added the bread for about a minute then flipped it over.  Wicked full.

o.k. now I’m stalling…..I have to go out for a walk but it looks so darn cold out there….I can do it, I can do it (perhaps).


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