Well, I’m full.

Love that holiday but I always feel gross afterwards.  We drove the hell drive from our home in Maine to Cape May, New Jersey.  Actually, it’s a nice drive but there is New York City in between and with the state it is in now it was even worse.  How can it be just a perfectly sunny, kind of warm day and when you are in the Bronx approaching the George Washington Bridge everything completely shuts down and turns to a solid disgusting color of grey?  The traffic, the fighting for line space…..it’s like zombie land.  Horrible.  I wasn’t driving, as usual (Mr. hog the steering wheel was with me) so I did the head down, knit thing all the way through the city.  Check this out.  Remember, sunny day, about noon.

That was on Tuesday.  Things got better for us once we got over into Jersey…..we stopped off in Bradley Beach, just north of Sea Side Heights and south of Asbury Park.  My friend Patti and I found a pizza place there called Vic’s.  Two beers and a garlic pizza EACH was all we needed to de-stress from that trip.  Fabulous Jersey pizza, thin and spicy.  The crust cracks when you bite into it.

The storm damage was pretty amazing there.  All the streets were loaded up with tree debris, neatly stacked to the sides waiting removal.  I’m thinking they must have had some help, like special FEMA people or something as the debris was huge yet neatly stacked really high from every single yard.  It was kind of scary looking.

Wednesday a.m. we took the Jersey dogs to the beach….they have this really quiet, very long beach on the Delaware Bay side of Cape May…stunning.  Not a soul in sight.  But, a few jellies on the beach…hummm.

I have never seen one like this….and there were many just like this.  Ewww.

Here is my big size 10 foot measuring it.  What the heck is inside these things?

We had the best time with Gomer & Easter that day….just trotting along.  Gomer is my walking buddy from when he lived up here; he was very excited to be walking with me.  He’s blind on one side so he walks snug up against me on my right, his left good eye, so cute.  You look down at him and he’s just looking up at you saying “I love you Nani”.  Really.

That afternoon was pie baking time.  Ruth couldn’t find her pie plates so I used casserole dishes.  It worked really well.  We all liked seeing pies in weird shapes, especially deep dish, kind of fun.

Thanksgiving day my sister in law brought the appetizers…..”just a small amount Sandi, don’t forget we’re having turkey dinner” well, classic, enough as dinner for the next few days.  She should work with me catering I think.


South Jersey is kinda like being in THE SOUTH.  Very warm, temperate.  We had our apps. outside while Matt cooked a fried turkey in the driveway.  Very skeptical but you know what – it was the best I have ever had.  Moist like no tomorrow.

Of course we kept moving our chairs further back as the various neighbors came over with their “Jersey Sage” about who they knew that had it and it blew up, etc.  But, 1 hour 20 minutes later we were still unscathed and serving it in the house.  Whew, made it through that experiment.  Delicious.  Matt you can do that again!  At your house.

Other than the usual items Ruth made the famous Green Bean thing (which I still don’t like and don’t eat).  Even though she said it’s terrible the day of but awesome the day after….wrong, it’s yucky.


One year, hoping to improve the situation, I made it with all real, fresh, homemade stuff, i.e. a real mushroom roux, fresh green beans, etc. still nasty.

We had a wonderful day though.  It was nice being with family.  The problem I have is missing other parts of our family, our cutie pie grand daughters, sons, their wives and girlfriends.  Loved being with Ruth and Matt and Gomer and Easter.  Luna our dog was home with Paul and Allie so I missed her too.  Geech.  It is a sentimental holiday for me.  Our family, forever, always had a huge Thanksgiving…..grandparents, kids, pets, neighbors, very old school, old family type of stuff.  So, we watched the Godfather I & II – a bit of a different kind of family but family. It’s my idea of a great time.  I’m always really sad I didn’t meet Robert DeNiro when I was young and he was young living in the same town…..dam, he is friggin cute.   He looks a bit different now but then again so do I but I think I’m still 19 anyway.

Here we are at home again after having driven through the Black Friday fiasco.  It was actually a good day for driving the 8 hrs. home as everyone else was in the shopping stores we passed.  Mobs.  Stuff, all stuff, how come people don’t get this stuff as the year moves along and save it?  I was hyperventilating at the thought of going into a store; particularly in New York/New Jersey, are you kidding?  Those guys fight over crap and are nasty about the “bargains”.  Not for me.

I am just going to hole up in my sewing room and make the little girls some dresses for Christmas.  In one of their surprise bags (which they will be opening daily) it says there is a surprise out in the back yard that they have to go look for with the flashlights I put in the bag….that’s the dresses I have yet to make and ship.  So, I’m on it.  Also, I’m working out a warp for dishtowels as gifts for friends at Christmas; has to be something fast yet colorful, cotton & linen in guess what?  blues & greens no doubt.  Have a lovely day!


One thought on “Well, I’m full.

  1. Carol Lakefield Gildea says:

    Thoroughly loved your story! Carol 🙂


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