Just Fiber

It’s been interesting….resting.  I’ve been out of commission for a bit with some back issues, told to rest, no more standing.  So, I haven’t cooked much.  I have cooked but nothing experimental.  I’m missing it and feel like I should jump back in again but as I don’t know restraint I’ll start up full bore and then be down for the count.  So, I am using big time restraint.  I may be going downstairs in a moment and making some Pecan/Maple Brittle though; any minute, I think that would be yummy for Thanksgiving – something different.  Oddly enough I have been assigned desserts!  Well, Hello, makes me happy.  For me that means…..a pumpkin swirl (swirl with thick yogurt & tiny bit of cream cheese) and a ginger snap crust; I’m thinking a Pear/Custard/Crusty type of pie; and perhaps some Hand Pies, Apple, Cranberry and even Mincemeat.  We’ll see.

What I have been focusing on is my weaving:  I belong to a Weaving Group on Ravelry and our September Project was a Table Runner.  Well, here I am 1.5 months late but completed.  I loved this Tartan Plaid so much I couldn’t bear to give away the whole 2.5 yards as one runner so….the ol sizzors came out and I snipped in two.  It’s usually very hard to cut a Handwoven in two as believe me, every thread is precious, painstakingly laid.  But, snip away and here they are:

100% cotton, very easy to wash, dry and iron….no problem, no shrinkage.

Another project I’ve been working on while sitting with the heating pad on my back every morning upon waking.  A cabled head wrap that doubles as a neck wrap.  I put three buttons on it to shorten it up for when I wear it around my neck.

This wrap/head thing is made from beautiful hand dyed wool from String Theory Yarn Store in Blue Hill.  Eye Candy!

Another thing I’ve been working on is Christmas stuff for our Granddaughters.  I had all these great ideas for the girls but it just didn’t work out with them in California and us in Maine.  Someone sent me a link to Pinterest and I saw a advent calendar.  Now, Advent Calendars have always been intriguing to me but I could never quite figure out the what goes in each little box or envelope that is that small.  This one was in paper bags…..works for me.

I’m slowly filling 24 small brown lunch bags with 2 small things in each so every night of December prior to Christmas they get to get a little present.  Some of the things are hysterical – two Rudolph noses that attach with a rubber band around your head and once it’s on it starts to blink.  They are going to love that.  Two Dora The Explorer dolls from The Christmas Tree Store – love that Dora scene.  I found two small flash lights at the Dollar Store – those are going to have a swatch of fabric (now, stay with me on this one) each will have fabric attached and there will be a note that says to go out in the backyard and hunt for something that matches the fabric.  The Mom or Dad will be alerted to the day and hopefully they will go out and hang these two dresses I’m going to make for them.  A little Treasure Hunt!  I used to love neighborhood Treasure Hunts.  I’m thinking of doing the hiding thing with a few other bags also.  I think the girls will love it, all very exciting.  So, who’s excited here?  It’s the spirit…..a three and five year old.  Fun.

There are only 13 or 14 made – it takes a lot of stuff when your building for 2 kids.  Thank goodness for Dollar Stores.

So, the plan is…..they will string a clothesline across their fireplace area and these bags will clip on with clothespins.  Some of the bags are double days as some of the toys didn’t fit into one bag – Dora for instance, she’s too big so there are two.  I’m hoping they will run ribbon around to decorate the whole thing, maybe lights.  Quite ambitious taking on 24 days but if I was a kid – this would be exactly what I would want!  Way better than a bicycle, no?

Word of advice….if you think you may want to do this sometime, start collecting stuff early so you won’t be tempted to spend too much money.  It can be cheap.  One of the bags has two small boxes of animal crackers, one has two bags of “gold chocolate coins”.  I wanted to eat those.  Another has a kazoo and wooden flute, many have stickers (fairies, farm animals).

Today I spent the afternoon with my longtime (since we were 12) friend.  For our birthdays we meet in Portland, Maine and go to Soakology, a tea house that does feet soaks in herbs, etc. with other massage parts too, hands, neck.  It’s an hour of awesomeness.  Then we have lunch, today the German Restaurant – same as dinner with Paul last week.  Delicious, such nice people…..Schmidt & Herr.  Patti and I have been tracking each other all over the country and both of us settled here, she 40 years ago, me 35.  We’re about 1.5 hours apart but we don’t see each other often as we’re both busy guys.  But, when we do, that old New Jersey accent is back in full bloom for the time we are together.  It’s funny, it does not seem to go away.  It’s the most natural way for us to speak and I think when I’m not in the hang of it I’m more restrained somehow.  Jersey is just “fluid” for us.  Why does it have to be Jersey?  Why not something cool…how about Cuban or something.  Ah me.  Wear the hoop earrings and go with it I guess.

Gorgeous week-end.


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