Yup, it’s winter out there.

Had our first nasty storm last night……not counting the rain from Sandy.  Yucky snow, rain, spit going on.  Our little visitor kitty went flying out the door around 5:30 and came to a screeching halt about 10 feet away.  She lifted each foot for inspection then looked at me.  I wish I had my camera, funny.  But, nothing deters her from hunting so off she went (and now she’s back in looking to hang in my lap for warmth).

My friend Vivian came over the other night with her Mom….a beautiful 83-year-old French Canadian woman.  The mom sang at the dinner table, gave us a grace in French and was pretty darn funny with the interactions between the two of them.  They have a great relationship and “call” each other on absolutely everything.  Very funny.

I made an Olive Oil Cake with Vanilla Yogurt and Carmalized Pears – straight out of Whole Living, November 2012.  Check it out.  Kinda healthy.

It was actually quite easy to make so don’t be shy.  The next day?  Oh la la even better.
We have tons of dried beans downstairs as I cannot resist when I’m ordering from Rancho Gordo.  I buy everything – they are so cool and interesting and fresh.  Not sure how dried beans can be fresh but they really taste good and kind of “crispy” maybe.  I’m thinking those regular dried beans we all buy are years old!

But, anyhow, the guy at the Health Food Store told me, while I was in shopping for Kelp, that if you put a big leaf of any kind of seaweed in your beans while cooking it makes them really easy to digest.  I did it.  It works.  Without going into details….you may know someone who would benefit from this idea?

I just made an old fashioned coffeecake which is half the recipe I tried last month from Saveur.  I thought the original was “to die for” but overly sweet and just much too fat for a piece of cake.  So, when it comes out of the oven, if it works, that will be posted soon.  Smells nice, I added three chopped pears and almonds this time in the topping.

I’m a tad disappointed, not in the Election (YEA) but with Craig’s List.  I posted a loom I have for Sale, yes, for those who know me, the AVL computerized loom.  I got back 5 requests for it immediately.  So excited.  But, oh no, they all had that same kind of verbage……my agent will pick it up, send me your pal pal account number, your phone and address…..scam!  All of them.  What a bunch of jerks.  So, I guess Craig’s List is off my radar now.  I did successfully sell my rowing machine but years ago when I was trying to sell my accordian….I got the same verbage and my senses were alerted.  Beware, very sneaky.

Today, weaving, knitting a tam for my friend Heather – her dad just passed away 4 days short of 100, he always wore his Scottish Tam so I’m thinking she may like one.  Adios


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