Ah me, my back is finally getting better.

I have had such a problem with my back.  It’s been really hard for me as I have always prided myself on being healthy and limber….yoga, walking, swimming, working – you know, activity up the yazoo.  To come to a screeching halt is paralyzing.  But, as I could barely function I actually, for once in my life, paid attention to what various people were telling me.  Stop, do nothing, relax and for gods sake don’t vacuum or clean (oh gee, really? do I have to stop cleaning the house? darn).  But, I’m on the mend.  I actually have quite a bit wrong and it’s not going to be a “fix” but it will be livable which I was thinking it was not livable at all.  So, I’m good, just slower.  When I weave I do 15 minutes at a time and the heating pad is my best friend.

Our Miss Ruth, who turned 30 yesterday, has all these remnants from her school days – really kind of just shreds now but we’ve re-lifed them.  Kinda cool.  First, her Project Graduation from High School became a pillow:

I cut the back off the t-shirt which is the top part and then flipped it all around so the back is just plain but with the normal t-shirt border.  All my pillows are like envelopes.

She brought up her cherished sweat pants from Lacrosse at University of Maine…..it was so worn out and shredded I couldn’t get a pillow out of it so I made a mini thing.  I cut the logo as you see then cut the strings off (turns out that is all their was, no wonder it hung off her) then I cut some of the waistband so she’d have that as the back part.  All pieces are here, it’s just not wearable.  She’s going to fill it with something smelly and use it as a potpourri type thingy.

So, local people…..bring me your kids favorite t-shirts, pay for the stuff and I’ll make one for you.  Who can throw away those memories? Nice Christmas gift.

Food Stuff:

Not much these days but after a week of craving meatballs I gave in:

And, I want to tell you, these meatballs and a pound of spaghetti – 4 days later, we’re still eating it and poor Paul 2x a day.

The other night my yoga group had a 5:00 party.  I floundered around trying to figure out what to take.  It had to be from what I had at home as driving in the car is a killer on my back.  So…..this is weird.  I found some frozen grilled eggplant & zucchini in the freezer (trader joe’s), while frozen I chopped it up then marinated it in rice vinegar, tamari, hot stuff.  About noon I saw my friend Vivian and while picking her brain on what to do she thought of the idea of sushi balls.  I made a small pot of brown rice – the 6 C. water, 1/2 C. recipe – perfect.  Next II minced the vegetables, chopped up lots of sliced almonds in the kitchen Aid, added an egg, sesame seeds and parmesan.  Chili aioli on top.

Really, really good!  A meal type of Appetizer.

Paul has been working hard…..he has this beautiful 1930’s Cris Craft type of Cruiser in the barn that he’s doing a lot of repair work on.  Well, he needs to flip it occasionally which is an awful job – it’s a 30 something foot boat and too heavy for manual.  So, he got this ingenious idea to build a wheel around it – one on the stern and one on the bow.  It turns just like it looks.  He said it took a few days to build the frame but…..there you go!

I have been reading some great books in my “down time”.

Buddha in the Attic is awesome.  It’s about the Japanese women “picture brides” who came to marry men in San Fransisco – some as young as 10!  I think it may be one of the most fascinating insight to that era and what these women/girls went through.  Each page speaks from every womans thoughts.

The other book is about a Polish family during World War II, the couple are separated – he to escape the war, she to the woods with her new baby to survive alone for 6 years – they find each other again but of course everything is different.  The book speaks allot about how traumatic it is for a person to get through it and change to normalcy once again.  It too is an amazing book….I’m almost done.

Remember the endless Halloween festivities in California?  Well, after two weeks it finally ended on October 31st., my little Zoe’s actual third Birthday.  Kelly, the mom, sent me a picture the next morning calling it the Post Party Aftermath.

Clearly no one was going to wake up this child for the nighttime diaper…..just put it on over the jammies and hope it works!  I have done that before so I know the thought on that one!

And then at the same time this is how Colbie fell asleep.  My sister wrote me and asked “what the heck is with these kids, sleeping between two chairs”?  A few weeks ago I put up a shot of Zoe doing that and now here’s colbie.  It’s weird but…..works for those two ding dongs.

I would say they were incredibly tired!  Life as a child can be wicked exhausting.



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