Red Sky in Morning….Sailor Warning

Yup.  This was the sunrise yesterday.

Kind of has a onimous feel to it.  What we are concerned about is the flood tide.  Our boat is on a dock, inside dock between a wall and a dock but with the flood tide it could get stuck if it goes above the pavement that is on one side and being tightly tucked in it isn’t easy to get it out fast – kind of impossible.  A great winter/ice/snow place but not a flood tide place.  Oh well, we’ll see.  We’re checking it out at high tide today at noon to estimate how it will do with the 1 a.m. tomorrow morning that should be the doozie.

So, back to my california story.  While we were at the Stone Soup Farm doing their Farewell Party to the chicken owners I was checking out this lady’s office.  A very cool container in the middle of the field.  They took a really old, rusty, crappy container put it on the earth and started cutting holes in it.  Very cool.

Is that not the coolest office?  I want one.

The girls had lots of fun at the party…..the hammock was their toy of choice.

Another kettle of soup.  Super fun seeing all the huge amounts of stuff going in.  The chicken/coconut one had practically a tree stump of lemongrass in it.

I love the air out there…..beautiful hillsides, sage brush.  We were on the other side of the mountains from Oakland close to Sacramento in Vacaville.

Before I left there was a Halloween event the kids went to.  I bailed on that one – a street full of screaming kids.  Kelly took the girls with her brother and his son Issac.  Very cute little guy – so sweet, Spiderman.  Colbie & Issac, cousins! They call him baby Issac.

Zoe went as a lamb but someone thought she was a passing cloud with occasional sprinkles (water bottle spritzing).  When she came home from the party there was hardly a puff left on her – a train wreck with outfits.

At one point I noticed a dam chicken in the kitchen…..these guys come to the door to visit and I had left the door open not knowing they were frequent visitors…weird.  Zoe just loves them, squeezes them and chases all the time.  She’s a farm girl for sure.

And, food at last – actually I have a ton of food stuff to share, recipe for Salmon Rillettes that is to die for but….gotta go so if we have power I’ll put that up tomorrow.  My photo below are some greens I scrounged out of our almost wintered garden for a salad last night….so crispy.  I made a lemon/balsamic/mustard/sugar/olive oil dressing and then promptly forgot the spicy peanuts and feta I was going to serve on it but…it was just awesome as it was.






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