Well, that was fun.  Flew out on Friday, home on Wednesday.  We packed quite a bit in and I got tons of girly q time.  Man are those pumpkins precious!  They are very precocious now and verbally excel although the pronunciations were kinda funny.  Colbie, who is almost 5, was asking me where the gulls were in the pirate story we were re-reading.  Counted the gulls, three each time on each page.  “Nani, where are the gulls?”  Ahem….she was saying “Girls” and I just wasn’t getting it.  Very funny – we were looking at each other like the other one was crazy.  She was getting so exasperated with me that her little, teeny, tiny nose freckles were expanding.  Once we ironed that one out I explained Girls are too smart for that nonsense – the boys in the book were eating raw fish and hard tack.  Girls are smarter than that!  I didn’t see any chocolate on board.

I took out Jesse’s old Alto Sax and his keyboard….tee, hee.  They loved it.  Even Paco who sang for the first time – actually howled.

So I ask you….what is not to love when this is what greets you at 6:00 in the morning?

First thing on Friday after we settled in……always amazes me, I left here at 8 a.m. and got there at 11:30 a.m. whole day ahead of me, totally exhausted.  But, anyhow we went for a bit of a hike up into the woods just above them.

That is that San Fransisco Fog rolling through with lallygagging Zoe bringing up the rear.  Paco is off crashing through the woods; an endless runner.  By the way, this hill is so much steeper than it appears, switches back and forth till you come to the top with an amazing panoramic view of San Fransisco/Oakland and North Sausalito with Napa off to the right.  Cool place.

Saturday we went to Stone Soup Farm up in Vacaville, just outside Sacramento.  This farm provides the very expensive eggs for all those yuppified chefs out there to the tune of $8.00 a dozen no less.  I believe the woman has been in business for 6 years? Well, she’s done, it’s too hard to run the farm….water is a problem.  It’s very dry farmland in between two beautiful hills, very clay, rocky soil.  gorgeous land but if you don’t have water…hello.  She was telling me she is going to grow Lavender for sale.  Where is her head at?

They had a pretty much private party with a few paying guests (we were them and perhaps 20 others).  It was very small but with a fun country band, three kinds of soup, bread, some roasted veges and hibiscus beer.  Eclectic.  We had fun with the girls, met some nice people, walked among the chickens and olive groves.

The soups were made in these huge kettles over an open fire.  One was a Chicken/Coconut, a Tortilla Soup and a Rancho Gordo Stone Soup that was made in a cast iron skillet on a bed of coals on the ground.  They didn’t dig a pit they just put the coals down and kept adding them.  Very easy.  Delicious.
More pictures to come but I’ve got to get some dinner roasting……later tater.



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