All Sorts of Baking This Week

I’m supposed to be resting my back but the only way my back feels o.k. is flat on it and who can get anything done?  So, I just keep moving.  Walking is good, bending is not, sitting is absolutely impossible.  I was knitting on the porch standing up the other day…weird.

I made these scones with the starting recipe coming from The Standard Bakery.  Actually I made theirs first then tweaked the second batch to be more like what I make….I added whole wheat flour, tons of chopped ginger, buttermilk and who knows what else but they are fabuloso!  Pumpkin/Ginger Scones ready for the oven with Sunflower Seeds on top.

While wandering through the garden I dug up some more carrots.  Geech, I thought I was a “carrot failure” person as we had none this summer but they are there, just hiding.

After I cleaned them up… know, there is nothing like that fresh smell of earth!  I washed them, sliced them lengthwise tossed them in a bowl with chipolte hot sauce, a dribble of olive oil and molasses then roasted them.  Nice with the chicken stew we had as leftovers (most of the week).

Yesterday in order to clean off the kitchen counter I needed to roast off the rest of the stuff that has accumulated…..lots of yellow beets, squashes and sweet potatoes our friends brought up from North Carolina.  Before we headed out to a Gundalow Event last night at the crazy time of 5-7, right smack at our dinner time; I made roll ups as a snack with the stuff.  Spicy tortilla, chili aioli, shredded cheddar and squashes.  Perfect.

And, I saw a recipe in Food & Wine for some tasty roasted nuts…..a way to use my sage in the garden.  I always plant sage and then never use it.  This works.  I’m saving it for Thanksgiving.

The recipe called for 2 C. nuts (I did 4), 3 Tbs. olive oil, sprig of rosemary (I had parsley instead) and lots of sage, can do.  Nice.  Even though I used 4 cups it’s kinda greasy but perhaps that is because they were already roasted, not sure.

O.K. other than food….and when I could sit down… I’m leaving tomorrow for California to see the girly q’s (3 and 5 years old now) I made them Aprons from scrap material from previous dresses I had made them.  Wicked cute.  I can’t wait to see them.  We’re planning on doing some SERIOUS BAKING.  I’ve been waiting for them to grow enough to food play with me.  This is it.

And, last but not least – in fact, probably first in my heart….a new weaving project.  I belong to a group on Ravelry (an online knitting/weaving community).  Well, I had decided to join a table runner project group that was supposed to be done in September….missed it, back problems, too much work, etc.  But, I kept at it when I could.  Of course I took on way too much – should have just put on a zip of a warp, threaded it and wove but oh no, I had to do it the hard way……40 threads per inch 818 of them.  Try winding sewing thread for yards and yards.  Brutal.  But, anyhow – got it wound a month ago, took a month to get it to weaving stage, yesterday sat down and wove 14.5 inches.

A beauty, no?  I’m pretty excited.  It’s 19″ wide and will probably be about 70″ long, perhaps more.  I can’t remember how many yards I wound on but there is enough for two runners I suppose.  I owe out some wedding gifts to kids friends so that’s where these will go.  They are woven in cotton – really, as thin as sewing thread.  Lovin it.

I won’t be writing now until next Thursday, the 25th.  We’ll be playing, reading lots of books and Colbie tells me we can go up to the store to get coffee – there happens to be a candy store next to it….hummmm.  Saturday we’re going to Stone Soup Farm….famous farm that has sold all the eggs/chickens to those foo foo restaurants out there, organic, whole grain, etc. type of stuff starting with Che Panize for the past 30 years but they are tired and closing up shop so as a last harrah they are having a huge “family” picnic with music, etc. at the farm and all the restaurant people will be there.  Jesse snagged some tickets for us in the nick of time.  I’m thinking this could be a blast!

One other thing on my agenda… weaving friend, Sharlet, from Cool, California (that really is the town name) is coming across the valley to go and spend a day in the Mission District of San Fransisco with me.  That’s where all the food things are now and Tartine Bread Company.  Oh so trendy, probably will gag me but just the same, I’d like to see it.  That will be Sunday.  Adios amigos.


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