Saturday Pizza

Just a zip of a post but I had to show this!  Dinner going in the oven.  Lemon Pizza, who would think?

How delicious!  I saw the idea in the Saturday morning paper but, of course, didn’t have what they had so I used what I had.  It’s just a crust (I had a some dough in the freezer).  Set the oven on 550. Rolled out the two crusts and put a bit of shredded cheddar on both then on the lemon one – feta, basil leaves & thinly sliced lemons, oiled the edge.  The other one: sauce, turkey pepperoni.  Fini.

That lemon pizza was truly delicious.  Very different with a nice twang to it.  Mr. Grumpy even loved it.  We ate the leftovers with coffee for breakfast – feel like I’m European now.  It’s so exciting to find something out of the ordinary on a yucky, rainy day here in no where land.

I’m crazy this week with a new warp ready to be woven; making aprons for my grand babies whom I’m going to visit on Friday for a few days (California here I come!)…..we plan on cooking lots together.  The girls are almost 3 and almost 5 now and they, genetically, LOVE food also.  Yea.

Today…..pretty neat, we’re off to The Peabody Museum in Salem, MA to see the Hat Exhibit.  Art Deco all sorts of cool hats from long ago – ladies hats I think but who knows.  A great rainy day project probably will all my other zillions of best friends.  You know how museums are on rainy days.


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