Just loving this weather!  Good thing.  I had a terrible blow out of my back and hips and the only relief I get is from walking.  I can’t sit without fidgeting forever to find the right spot – there is not right spot.  I can either lie down flat on my back or walk.  It’s really hard to knit, weave, sew or cook on my back so I’ve been just doing small things for the past two weeks working my way through this awful pain.  They say….my job is killing me (standing long hours with my arms out front lifting heavy things) as is every single other thing I like to do.  So….I walk!  And, make small stuff.

How about Thanksgiving right around the corner?  My favorite holiday in fact the only one we celebrate!!!!  I made a simple pumpkin pie yesterday to go with the marvy turkey/buffalo/bean chili I was making for dinner.

I like this crust.  Usually I made a finger pinched edge but then you get that kind of bumpy, crunchy thing when you eat it.  I just wanted plain so i laid the crust over the edge and used my wooden rolling pin to go around the rim on the outside to cut off the dough.  Nice and simple, just what I wanted.

I have completed two neck scarfs in the past two weeks and it’s getting kind of boring but easy to do, mindless and I like these things around my neck this time of year.

I got the pattern from Ravelry…The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief.  The yarn is from String Theory, hand dyed up in Blue Hill, Maine.  Their yarn is absolutely the best – so beautiful.  I love the color changes and vibrancy.  This picture doesn’t show it well.  I had the scarfs in the sun drying as I had just finished washing the brown one.  The wool is Merino DK .

I’m now knitting a cabled neck warmer for Ruth with yarn from Debbie Bliss, Cashmerino that I got at our local yarn shop/The Yarn Sellar.  That’s fun.  I can knit when I have a heating pad going for a bit but the spurts are short.

On one of these horrible rainy days this week – perhaps Monday? Paul and I went up to Kennebunkport to renew our license.  The crapola you go through when your a bit older – like whoever thought 63 was ancient??? I never have or would and not cause it’s me.  Personally, I’m 12 no matter what.  But anyhow I get into this place, take my number and go up to the glassed in booth (what is with that, are there bad guys out there going for the license people?), cute young girl turns to me and says Good Morning, are you still the same weight?  Of course I lied, yes, absolutely, same as 10 years ago and I lied then too.  Of course I weigh 120 lbs.  She smiled.  I guess it’s normal.  Then she asked very curiously – WHAT color is your hair?  “Um, Grey, I would say it’s Grey, is that a color?”  She was wondering, I think, If I normally dyed it a color and just hadn’t done that lately.  She was waiting for brown or blonde to come out of my mouth.   It’s grey, I like it.  Then I had to get another eye test.  I was informed over 60, every year or other or something like that.  Wow.  I felt kinda old when I left so as we had to go up the road a bit to Scarborough we decided to go up the road even more and hit Standard Bakery in Portland.  My favorite bakery ever.  Besides getting 6 loaves of olive bread for the freezer, two crazy fig & plum breads, some sweet stuff to the tune of lots of moolah. Most of it for the freezer (I am definitely one of those “stockers” kind of people, a family of 10 could live out of my freezers).  As I was heading out the door I saw this:

Oh my goodness, another cookbook.  But, this cookbook – amazing.  The pastries at this place are truly terrific.  Now, I go to San Fransisco allot to see our Grandchildren and go to all those fancy smancy places for breads/pastries, etc. Sorry – this Standard Bakery is the best.  They are pretty simple, not too many flourishes.  You can taste the food.  It’s not chilled to death.  All organic, butter, eggs, local, blah, blah, blah – it’s good food.  I am thrilled to have this book as I’ve been trying to duplicate a few of their things for years.  We did make quite a bit styled on their pastries while at the cafe but it was our own take on it.  I could never quite get the Gingerbread the same…..now I can.  Happy Camper here.  The other nice thing about this book is they haven’t overachieved – there are really not a whole lot of recipes.  Works for me cause I would be making all of them and I really don’t need to.  I have some customers who still call me for random pastries and they give me a list of what they want then there is always instructions to make anything else I want in any quantity.  I like that!  So, after I get my scones and brownies out of the way for them I’ll be making some Gingerbread and Chocolate Corks.  A few more days of resting my back first.

Special P.S.  I am getting ready to unplug from Facebook.  First, I can’t stand it and second they are now charging people with food blogs to use Facebook to connect.  I’m out of there.  If you want to continue seeing my stuff time to put me in your bookmarks.  As soon as I can figure out how to “get out” I will, and happily, it’s not my thing.


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