Rainy Days

Oh my goodness will it ever stop raining???  The party I catered on Saturday was a planned Picnic Luncheon for a good customers daughter who was getting married that night.  150 people came to the “pool party” of the 300 invited.  With that pouring cold, dark, grey Maine weather I would have been one of the 150 “no shows”.  The rather large house it was in was on the Ocean.  I felt like I was in a Anita something novel about the Maine Coast; very campy but wonderful old wicker furniture, drapes, lots of bark cloth, etc.  Kinda nice.  It was a unique job for me as I had already made all of the food ahead of time so I got to direct the two bar tenders and two servers and keep things flowing.  Usually I’m working my butt off in the kitchen preparing and plating.  I liked this plan!  I’m such a bossy boots.

When I got home from the job I immediately put some stuff on my knitting needles and turned on the TV.  I am sadly, completely hooked on Damages.  While wandering through the movies we noticed there was a new season available – omg, I was a gonner.  As you can see from the results I spent half the night and all day yesterday glued to my lounge chair with my yarn.  It was about the best time I’ve had in ages!  Paul isn’t into it so I had the place to myself.  Just what a body needs when it’s exhausted.

Looks like a shawl but is actually a neck scarf.  I like these jobbies as my neck is cold and getting kind of wrinkly, just a tad and with this you don’t know it.  At least I don’t so that’s cool.  The intent was this is a quick knit for Ruth’s 30th birthday coming up November 3rd. but I may just have to do another for her as I want to wear this now.  I have a sumptuous mahogany color which kinda has her name all over it…..trying to stay away from the other wacky colors hanging around.

This is what we woke up to this a.m.

Is that not beautiful?  This was about 6:15 or 6:30 I believe.  First we woke, in the dark, 6 a.m. to gunfire.  Ah, October 1st. some kind of killing season.  Darn.  Paul came down to get the coffee and noticed this….I put the scarf up trying to catch the remnants of these colors as backdrop but it all changed within minutes.  The scarf is against this backdrop but the lighting came up too fast – probably 6:45 at the point of scarf taking photo op.  Too bad.

Yesterday while zoning out I had an amazing craving for comfort food.  During the downpour I just had to have a roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans and at the last second BISCUITS AND GRAVY.  Biscuits are kinda common around here – they take me about 2 seconds to make and with a temperature of 550, not long to bake.  But the gravy, I rarely make that, really rarely.  My chemistry must have been whacked yesterday as it was a definite “must have” situation.

Off to the store, which was rather pleasant…there is a market less than a mile from home.  First, I never shop there as it’s expensive, only the trendy go and I know waaaaay too many people there.  It’s not a zip in and zip out place and I usually have to zip.  But, yesterday, in my groady sweat pants and hoodie off I went, knew no one as it was almost completely empty.  I was able to grab and go.  Awesome.  Time was short (remember I could only take a short break from my knitting and tv watching) I was on a mission to complete the full season, I don’t know how many episodes.  Grabbed a Roaster chicken and some limeaid.  By the time I got back it was already 4:30 – threw the bird in the oven in a cast iron skillet at 500.  Paul peeled a few of our precious potatoes for mashies, I already had some of Bill’s tiny, baby green beans ready for the steamer.  When all was said and done I managed to get the biscuits in the oven as the gravy was being made.  I should be sick from the fat I used – all the drippings from the chicken left in the pan….bad, bad, bad girl.  Awesome.

Kind of a gross picture but you get the idea.  We loved it.  Ate it in front of yet another episode.  Bad girl.  So much fun and delicious, rather filling.  I have to say I have probably never baked a chicken at 550 before but….crispy, moist.  It was excellent.  I didn’t eat the skin although what the hell, how could it be any worse than the gravy?  But, a girl has to draw the line somewhere.

We unearthed an old sign of mine this past week-end, or rather Paul did.  Our barn is such a treasure yard.  We have two barns, one 60′ long, one 48′ both filled to capacity with cool stuff, mostly boats but also tucked in here and there are 35 years of kids growing up and our various toys and replicas of past adventures.  This sign unearthed itself.  It’s now hanging in the kitchen window (facing the back yard, we didn’t want any unsuspecting customers to randomly show up), very misleading.  It makes a great night light.  I’m trying to teach our new wild gold kittie that showed up a few months ago to COME IN when this sign goes on.  I’m fearfull of loosing her at night as we lost our last gold kittie in the night.  It’s a wild world out there.

Before the chaos of the sandwich makings on Saturday I had a moment of “down time” which I should have sat down but….being in a wired mode I baked a quasi apple crisp.  I like this recipe as it’s actually more “bar” material and easier to handle than in a bowl screaming for the addition of either cream or ice cream.  no no no.

This is easy, it’s just done in lots of steps.

First, make the base in a cuisinart or chopper  and bake in an 8″ greased pan for 1/2 hour.

1 C. white flour

1 C. whole wheat flour (or not)

1-1/2 sticks unsalted butter

1/2 C. dark brown sugar

1/2 tsp. salt

Prepare a mix of 1/2 C. sugar and 2 Tbs. flour…..sprinkle half over the base when it comes out of the oven hot!

Chop up 4+ cups of apples in Cuisinart while base is baking.  Yes, I like the skin in there, gives it a nice color and crunch.
Spread the apples on top of the dusted hot crust, sprinkle the rest of the sugar/flour thing on top of the apples, dribble 1 stick melted butter over all of that and dust with some bread crumbs (any old ones will do, mine were seasoned Progresso (that’s o.k. who cares a little parm, a little parsley).

Bake till it’s done.  45 minutes maybe?
Today….still raining.  My event of the day…Yoga, go throw this body around and try and work off that gravy idea of yesterday.  Although, really, why bother, we’re having leftovers tonight.  YEA!



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