After the Storm

After the Storm


After the Storm

Well, that was a long one!  Moving along….

I came across a recipe for Salmon Rillettes in Food & Wine Oct./12.  I get a lot of magazines and usually just whip through them to cull prospective recipes I may want to try/cater with, etc.  I cut this one out because the picture looked yummy even though I am not a salmon person myself, my husband is and I can offer it catering as people usually request it.  This was fabulous!  I doubled the recipe as we were going out that night and I needed to take something to the party.  Paul eats a ton of food so I wanted enough to stay home for the next day.  It takes a pound of poached salmon (coho for me), 8 oz. of smoked salmon, butter, sautéed shallots, Tbs. sour cream, fresh chives, lemon juice, olive oil and paprika.  If you want to make it – and don’t have the Mag. write me, I’ll send the recipe along that I did.  Well worth the time!  I’ll tell you after the pictures the cool uses I got out of it.

First you need to know this technique.  Rinse the fish & lay over a small bowl.  It makes the bones stick up so you can just pull them out with tweezers – see the bones on the napkin?  wicked easy.

Here it is prepared – just some of it.

Really, really, really good – even I liked it.  So, I made this as an appetizer for a party on Saturday.  We got there late, like really late, after dessert.  There was some confusion not only on the time of the party but where it was…..we were off in la la land.  Embarrassing.  The salmon wasn’t necessary at that point but some ate it anyway.

Sunday we had dinner guests so I served it as an app. but kept a tablespoon per person aside and used it as a last minute garnish in the Haddock & Lobster Chowder that I made.  Big dollop of this sitting in the middle.  Outstanding.  Try it.  Paul wanted it as a sandwich before the party..goofy.

For the party that we got there too late for……I also made a Apple/Walnut/Rum Butter Cake.  Very rich. Old Silver Palate Cookbook.

That got divided up among the guests to take home for the next day… day was our dinner party and since we didn’t get any; I made another and served it with Elan Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.  It was nice but kind of sweet/rich for me.

Yesterday was an anxious day for everyone with that storm.  We spent most of the day hassling with Paul’s boat down on the dock.  He kept going back and forth readjusting lines, adding buoys, fender boards, etc. then at midnight was called by the dock owner who thought the boat was floating over the dock.  This picture I’ll put up is taken at noon during the day as Paul was checking it….it normally sits about 20 ft. down that wall it’s against.  All you see normally are the sticks.  So, with the extra high tide at midnight it was above where this is, scary!!

We have lots of friends on the water now heading south but they all holed up in various marinas along the way.  We were worried for them.  It’s awful being on a boat in a storm like that, really bad.  We were upset about the Bounty – and it’s the Captain that is missing now.  What a jerk… one out runs a storm, what an idiot to even think it was o.k. to do that.  They were not “caught” in it, they deliberately set out to try and “make the schedule” to reach the south.  Very stupid.  The owners are not commenting, right!

I’m growing my greens for the winter again – it’s so nice to see this everyday in the dining room.  Makes me feel like somethings alive.